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In Real Time: See Why & How Elliott Trend Channels Work

by Editorial Staff
Updated: June 14, 2022

European Financial Forecast Service: Be Ready for the Big Turn

You've just seen the evidence for yourself: Elliott Wave analysis delivers forecasts you won't see or read elsewhere. The European Financial Forecast Service includes the 3x per week European Short Term Update, the monthly European Financial Forecast, and Robert Prechter's renowned Elliott Wave Theorist.

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Netflix: Way More Room to Drop

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Gold Was Primed to Rally. Then, Things Turned on a Dime (Well… 3,000 dimes to be exact!)

In early March, gold prices seemed primed to reclaim record highs with a barge of bullish factors floating in its "fundamental" harbor: Looming recession, rate hikes and the ongoing Ukraine war. But instead, that bullish barge sank right alongside a triple-digit decline in price. It's time for an intervention!

China Real Estate Leads Down: Does the U.S. Follow?

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