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See Why 2021 Could be a “Monumental Year” in Financial History

What can you learn when you look at the stock market -- the Dow Jones Industrial Average, specifically -- going all the way back to 1788? A lot! For one, clear Fibonacci proportions begin to emerge between multi-decade historical periods. What's more, the same Fibonacci proportions also begin to point to the year 2021 as a very important moment in financial history.

2021: “Is Currency Debasement Finally Having Consequences?”

"When empires fall, it is usually accompanied with a debauched currency," says our Head of Global Research Murray Gunn in this sobering overview as to why 2021 may usher in "a changing world order."

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Indian Stocks: Does “Extraordinary Rally” Have Much Oomph Left?

India's Nifty stock index has been one of the global rally leaders since the pandemic's first-wave market lows last March -- up as much as 80%. Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor (who is on record with a bullish call for Asia last April) give you an important sentiment update.

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Here’s Why Bitcoin “Targeted” the $42,000 Mark

On January 8 -- before Bitcoins $10,000 mini-crash three days later -- our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers to watch the $42,000 price level because it could produce a bearish "reaction." Why? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain. (Hint: Think "Fibonacci.")

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EURUSD: Does “Trend in Motion Stay in Motion”? Yes, Up to a Point.

Since March 2020, the dollar has been steadily losing to the euro. All the while, EURUSD, the biggest forex market on the planet, has been climbing. But the key advantage Elliott wave analysis gives you is the ability to see when the trend is about to end. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain how this applies to EURUSD now.

Deflation in Bank Lending

Our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn highlights an interesting development in the banking sector that might mean the Fed doesn't get what it wants.