When It Comes to News vs. Markets, It's Not "What" -- It's "When"

by Murray Gunn
Updated: August 27, 2020

Try this experiment. Next time someone you know says -- "Well, of course stocks are up! Just look at the great [fill in 'good news']" -- ask them:

"Okay, but where will stocks go tomorrow?"

You'll get a blank stare. At best, they'll say -- well, let's wait and see what tomorrow's news brings.

You see what's happening? They aren't forecasting. They are retro-fitting the news to fit today's market action.

That's why, those who invest strictly on the news often buy at tops and sell at bottoms -- because near the tops, the news is full of positive stories, and near the bottoms, it's full of negativity.

Now watch our Global Head of Research explain how to "read" the current tone of British news properly.

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