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Presidential Scandals, Corporate Insider Selling & More

Episode 70

Updated: March 08, 2017

Today's episode discusses how much political damage does a scandal do to the president? We also reveal why investors should keep a close watch on corporate insider selling. And answer questions in our latest ElliottWaveTV viewer mailbag.

Show Notes:

Features in this episode:

Presidential Scandals -- How Much Damage Do They Do? (start time -- 00:21)
You Asked, We Answered in our Latest "Video Mailbag" (start time -- 07:17)
This Stock Market Indicator Jumps to "Levels Rarely Seen" (start time -- 10:15)

Vickers tracks its sell/buy ratio over a period of varying time lengths in order to get a better idea of whether one week is part of a bigger trend. Its longer-term eight-week ratio for all U.S. stocks shows this is not just a short-term trend, with 5.98 buy transactions for every sale over the last two months. On the chart, the eight-week sell/buy ratio is tracked inversely on the right scale, with the stock market on the left scale. The research shop does it this way to illustrate the divergence between insiders and the market: The Dow Jones industrial average keeps going higher, yet insiders keep dumping stock. -- CNBC, Feb. 28

While Wall Street loves stocks, the chart shows that those closest to corporate prospects are selling their own shares more furiously than at any point in the last decade. According to various services, insider sell/buy ratios are at their highest level since 1987, right before a stock market crash. Lower levels of insider selling helped the Financial Forecast identify selling opportunities in July 1998, April 2000 and July 2002. -- January 2007 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast


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