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Gold, AAA Ratings and More

Episode 66

Updated: January 20, 2017

Our first feature looks at a gold forecast that many may have missed. Then we speak with Jeffrey Kennedy who outlines the four key principles that'll help improve Elliott wave skills. And lastly, we explore why AAA credit ratings aren't always what they seem.

Show Notes:

Features included in this episode:

  1. See the Gold Forecast Many Have Missed (start time -- 00:32)
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Perfect Elliott Wave Analysis (start time -- 03:35)
  3. Why You Should Be Cautious About Credit Ratings (start time -- 10:15)


[Gold] spot prices declined to $1122.98 yesterday and the Daily Sentiment Index ( dropped to just 4% gold bulls. Equally important is the persistence of the pessimism. A 21-day average of the DSI is now at just 9.76%, which is the lowest in the history of the data set.

Traders are more bearish on a longer-term basis now than they were in July 1999, when gold was at $252.15, nearly $900 lower! This degree of pessimism usually attends the end of a decline and the start of a rally. It's tough to lean against a crowd, which is almost unanimously bearish gold. But that's exactly what our analysis suggests is proper at the current juncture. -- Dec. 16 Short Term Update

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