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Why "Estimate-Crushing" U.S. GDP Number is NOT a Bullish Sign

Surprise! Major stock market downturns usually occur when the economic picture is looking healthy

by Bob Stokes
Updated: October 31, 2017

Remember the so-called "Goldilocks" economy around the turn of the last century? How about in 2007? Well, positive economic numbers didn't stop the stock market from topping in both years. Today, optimism about the economy has reached another extreme. See these two charts.


U.S. Economy Shines in Q3 -- A Stock Market "Buy Signal"?

Despite three major hurricanes, the U.S. economy grew at three percent in Q3 of 2017. Many stock market investors will see this as a sign to go "all in" ... AT THEIR OWN FINANCIAL PERIL!


The economy does NOT lead the stock market. The stock market leads the economy.

Put another way: Major stock market tops usually arrive when the economy looks great.

Instead of economic data, investors should focus on the stock market's chart pattern.

Right now, the Elliott wave model strongly suggests that VOLATILITY is getting ready to make a big return.

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