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Stay Flexible. Stay Confident. Here's How. (In Focus: Navistar, NAV)

by Jeffrey Kennedy
Updated: October 22, 2019

Sometimes, you look at a price chart and see a clear, one-directional message.

Other times, Elliott waves give you 2-3 most likely interpretations of the future trend. You get Plan A and Plan B -- and each one depends on clearly defined parameters.

"An aspect of the Wave Principle that's often misunderstood is its flexibility. The ability to look at a price chart and come up with multiple interpretations.

"I find this flexibility a benefit."

That's how our Senior Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy opens up his recent video update for Flash subscribers, below.

On October 4, our Flash service issued an alert for Navistar International Corp. (NYSE: NAV) -- "Buy."

NAV was trading near $26 at the time. It has since jumped nearly 15%.

Watch Jeff show you how a flexible Elliott wave count helped Flash turn bullish at the right time.

Plus, Jeff gives you his big-picture forecast into 2020 for Navistar.

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