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It's Never Too Early to Learn How to Trade Cryptocurrencies. Just Ask Your 5-Year- Old!

Crypto craziness is off the charts! But the key to navigating crypto opportunities is directly ON the Elliott wave labeled price charts! Ex: NEAR, Luna and Bitcoin

by Nico Isaac
Updated: April 27, 2022

Some of my fondest memories from childhood stem from the summers I spent at sleepaway camp, hiking through wild forests learning to identify native bird calls, sleeping in cabin bunkbeds, and singing songs around the bonfire at night while roasting S'mores.

How the times THEY HAVE CHANGED!

Now, an April 12 Vox Media article delves into a growing "cottage industry" of yes, day camps devoted to teaching the next generation how to navigate Web 3, the new iteration of the internet centered around digital transactions.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the pioneer of these educational retreats Crypto Kids Camp launches its third-ever program this summer and is slated to open in 41 locations nationwide in 2022. Its weeklong curriculum is designed to equip children ages 5-17 with the "financial literacy to navigate a world they don't understand."

At my camp, I was given two sticks and taught to make a fire. At Crypto Kids Camp, preschoolers are given a VR headset and cellphone with their own crypto wallet and taught to "make it rain."

Just my opinion here, but -- I don't know if toddlers trading fake tokens on simulated apps with cartoon ringtones in between afternoon naps is the best way to participate in the increasingly berserk cryptocurrency marketplace.

Fortunately, we have a much more cautious and prudent way of wading into that wave pool -- our newly launched Crypto Trader's Classroom service. This groundbreaking resource is the collaboration of 5 of EWI's market-savvy technical analysis instructors who joined their individual strengths to create a united force where education meets action.

Together, the Crypto Trader's Classroom team utilizes technical tools from momentum indicators to Elliott wave patterns to teach subscribers how to spot high-confidence setups and low-risk scenarios in the world's leading crypto markets.

Most importantly, there's absolutely nothing virtual about Crypto Trader's Classroom lessons. Each one focuses on a real-world market, often with a real opportunity unfolding in real time. These recent examples from Crypto Trader's Classroom give a peek into the subscriber experience:

-- Preferred Wave Count: NEARUSDT --

When assessing markets, Crypto Trader's Classroom introduces a preferred wave count which encompasses the highest confident setup. On April 6, Crypto Trader's Classroom presented this chart of crypto NEAR Protocol and this preferred, bullish count:

"If you get into this area between 14.49 and 13.50 that would probably be an area where I expect to see wave 4 bottom and complete and set the stage up for a rally in wave 5 back above the 18.50-19 handle."


This next chart shows what followed: NEAR quickly bottomed at 14.77 and rallied above the 19 handle to peak at 19.79.


-- Alternate Wave Count: LUNAUSDT --

In order to manage risk, every Elliott wave interpretation provides critical price levels that let traders know whether the preferred interpretation is wrong. On March 30, Crypto Trader's Classroom presented a bearish preferred wave count for LUNA; however, the analysis identified 88.80 as the make-or-break level to keep the downside pressure intact. If breached, the "more bullish scenario" would be in play before the resumption of the decline:

"I'd expect prices to remain above 88.80 and prices to continue to rally aggressively higher."


From there, LUNA continued higher, breaking above 88.80 onto new highs at 119.55 before turning back down.


-- Active Wave Count in Progress: BTC --

And then there are the current market opportunities in progress, such as -- On April 8 Crypto Trader's Classroom warned of a frustrating near-term path in Bitcoin thanks to a sideways unfolding Elliott wave triangle:

"We need to keep in mind that the subwaves within a triangle are often going to be tricky to count and work with because of the corrective nature of the pattern and the overall context of what its doing: It's a holding pattern keeping price acting in a rangebound structure for quite a length of time."

Since then, Bitcoin has been rangebound as the April 8 Crypto Trader's Classroom predicted. On April 20, April 21, and April 26 Crypto Trader's Classroom re-visited Bitcoin to reveal when traders can expect a breakout and what direction prices will go.

When it comes to summer camp, I say give the kids warm bonfires and wilderness hikes. Their parents, on the other hand, can have the full, immersive educational experience with Crypto Trader's Classroom.

Cryptocurrencies: Learn to Be in the Driver's Seat to Opportunity

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