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Ethereum: “Volatile” Doesn’t Mean “Unpredictable”

by Vadim Pokhlebkin
Updated: January 31, 2018

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Todd GordonMeet Todd Gordon, live trader (including options, futures, equities and more), cryptocurrency expert, CNBC contributor, and close friend of EWI. Todd has a pedigree from two Wall Street firms and a long record of trading his own money. Which means he has the confidence to move very fast when he sees an opportunity. He knows trading and the Wave Principle cold.

Todd’s platform, Blockchain Trader Premier, uses Elliott to identify upcoming opportunities in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digicurrencies. He IDs the right strategy for various setups, opens his trading software, puts on his trade -- and tells you why he's doing what he's doing, every step of the way. He moves fast. But he’s precise and he’s clear. If you’re following him and doing what he’s doing, you need to be ready.

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By following Todd’s moves in his Blockchain Trader Premier, you can learn from Todd how to trade the best opportunities. We vouch for Todd's experience and character. He is an engaging, fun teacher. When you watch him, you'll see -- for yourself -- that he is an expert trader. 

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SMS alerts with specific, actionable trades. Each alert includes clear entry, stops, targets, and position sizing so you have a clear understanding of how to manage the position.

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The Trade Desk gives you an in-depth view of each trade alert and strategy. Todd acts as your trading partner as he puts real money on the line with each alert.

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Todd will take you into his trade desk via HD video to update you on existing and pending trade setups, key market developments and risk management. You'll learn proven trading techniques that you can apply over and over.

Exclusive Community

Interact with Todd and join a community of like-minded traders who are looking for camaraderie. If you have a question or comment, Todd is always quick to respond. When you're successful, Todd is successful.

Bonus: Get an Exclusive Interview With Todd Gordon and EWI's Robert Prechter 

Informal. Deep. Informative. How often do you get to sit down with a true market legend for a friendly, yet probing conversation? In this exclusive interview, Todd asks Bob Prechter, the man who made the Elliott Wave Principle what it is today, a few hard-hitting questions... and some fun ones, too.

You'll learn why both Bob and Todd consider Elliott such an invaluable tool, hear about common misconceptions, learn how new traders can apply Elliott to today's markets, and much more -- including Bob's current stock market outlook. Watch, have fun and expect to be surprised.

Todd Gordon - Bob Prechter Interview

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