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Our daily and intraday Cryptocurrency Pro Service offers charts and analysis of crypto markets as the action happens -- our intraday commentary keeps you up with all the relevant turns and trends.

Our monthly Global Market Perspective shows you the longer view of Elliott patterns in crypto markets, plus the major world stock, currency, interest rate, energy markets (and more).

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I'm an Active Trader

I need intensive crypto coverage throughout the day.

Cryptos are one of the most exciting markets on the planet, offering HUGE opportunities. And our guides have a lot of experience forecasting them. In fact, in 2017 we added this asset to our Pro Services intensive (intraday) coverage. Since then, our Crypto Pro Service analysts are on record with multiple calls that helped subscribers catch major moves. Join them now.

I'm an Investor

I need big-picture forecasts for cryptos each month.

Our Global Market Perspective now includes crypto coverage! Each month, Chief Crypto Guide Tony Carrion provides his detailed video analysis of the best crypto opportunities on his radar -- including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Plus, you get Elliott wave forecasts for traditional markets like stocks, bonds, metals, currencies and more -- more than 40 global markets in total.