Trading as a Business

The Methods and Rules I've Used to Beat the Markets for 40 Years

This book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how successful, veteran trader Dick Diamond analyzed the market and recognized the right time to get in and out of trades. Using his methods, tools, and techniques will transform you from an ordinary investor into a trading force in the marketplace.

  • Format: eBook - 168 pages | Book - 134 pages
  • By: Richard "Dick" Diamond

If you've dreamed about trading for a living, this book is for you!

A long-time friend of Elliott Wave International, Dick Diamond was not just any trader. In the business where 90% fail, he successfully traded short-term moves in S&P futures (S&P eMini), OEX options, and DJIA, Amex and NASDAQ equities since 1966 -- yes, for 40+ years, through up and down markets.

And for more than a decade, EWI wholeheartedly endorsed Dick's proprietary, trading-mentorship course, where he shared his trading method along with tools and tips of the trade. His tried-and-true trading method and advice has been compiled into this step-by-step guide. Once you master the trading secrets from Dick Diamond, you will have the skills to beat the odds and sustain success.

A cornerstone of his teachings is his famous "80/20" trading strategy. Dick's "80/20" approach offers you an 80% chance of making a winning trade regardless of market direction. When applied with discipline, Dick's methods and specific tools he describes in this book have a proven track record. They work.

Learn to apply Diamond's simple, yet effective trading rules in real markets:

  • Discover Diamond's famous "80/20" trading strategy, which offers you an 80% chance of making a winning trade regardless of market direction.
  • See how Diamond relies primarily on short-term strategies, often making dozens of trades in a single day and sometimes holding a position for only a few minutes.
  • Understand the advantage of this way of trading: You limit any losses to a single trade, and your positions are not at risk after trading hours.
  • Learn how Diamond combines a set of objective market indicators with his well-honed "feel" for the market -- and how he always, always limits risk.

Meet Your Author

Richard Dick Diamond

Dick Diamond

A trading legend, Richard "Dick" Diamond (1937-2015) traded successfully for a living for more than 40 years. After receiving his MBA from the University of Michigan's Wharton School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, he worked as a floor broker on the American Stock Exchange. In 1965, he left the floor to become a full-time trader. Throughout the years, he gained an expertise in trading OEX options, S&P/Nasdaq futures and Dow/Amex/Nasdaq equities. Dick patiently taught his method to hundreds of students at various real-time seminars for more than a decade in association with Elliott Wave International. He published in one and only book, Trading as a Business: The Methods and Rules I've Used To Beat the Markets for 40 Years, in 2015.

Bonus Video: Diamond's "Trading 101 - Rules and Strategies for Becoming a Successful Trader"

As a special gift, this 17-minute video clip taken from Diamond's proprietary, trading-mentorship course is included with your purchase of this book. In this video, Dick reveals several of the rules and strategies that helped him be successful over his trading career.

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