"Dramatic Autumn Season" Directly Ahead

St. Leger's Day Has Come and Gone

This year, St. Leger’s Day fell on 16 September. And, according to the famous old adage, the day marks time for the gentry to "come back to the City” and the markets.

While times may have changed since 1776 when Colonel St. Leger conceived the world's oldest horse race, the modern-day reality is that September and October often prove to be challenging for investors. Take a moment to consider these moves from last September/October:

The FTSE 100 lost 10% in a month.
GBPUSD bottomed and launched a multi-month, 27% rally.
Gilt Yields leapt 65% in a matter of weeks.

And this year promises to be an absolute corker

"...the final quarter of 2023 could become one of the most volatile in recent memory," the report you're about to read opens by saying. In 2023, there is more behind the likelihood of volatility than seasonal tendencies. Across multiple markets, Elliott wave patterns of investor psychology are showing a rare convergence.

11 Charts / 10 Pages

The in-depth analysis contained within this report explains all of this in meticulous detail. Spanning 10 pages excerpted from our flagship global forecasting service, Global Market Perspective, you will also find 11 charts offering forecasts in various areas:

  • Stocks (FTSE 100)
  • Bonds (UK Gilts)
  • Forex (GBP/USD, EURGBP)
  • And even the UK unemployment rate

1 Clear Message

What is the central message, you may wonder? It is quite straightforward:

This year, as you prepare to "return on St. Leger's Day," ensure you do your due diligence.

While all investments carry an element of chance, it is said that "fortune favours the prepared."

Prepare for the "dramatic autumn season" ahead with this Special UK Investor Report


11 Charts | 10 Pages | 1 Clear Message

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