99% of Investors Are Falling
for This… Are You?

Find Out What Really Moves Oil Prices

Over the past two decades, many markets have seen huge rallies and plunges. Each time, the media blames the move on something outside the market.

You’ve seen it.

In the case of crude oil, for example, the mainstream blames the big waves on supply and demand. OK, let’s look at that: Does the evidence support the conclusion?

Watch EWI's inimitable president Robert Prechter reveal several eye-opening charts -- some going back to the first oil well! -- for surprising answers in this classic, 30-minute presentation from 2016.

These lessons can be applied to any liquid market -- cryptos, commodities, stocks, bonds and more. Whatever the vehicle, these insights help viewers sweep aside the noise and uncover what's really going on in big moves.



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