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India’s Nifty 50: Does the Bad Jobs Outlook Spell Trouble for Stocks?

India’s “employment outlook” just reached its lowest level in 14 years.

by Robert Folsom
Updated: February 19, 2020

Global Opportunities Via Exchange-Traded Funds – Now

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China Evergrande: We Showed "Tomorrow's News Today," Four Years Ago

China Evergrande was the world’s "most valuable" real estate brand. Yet when the bottom fell out, not all investors were surprised that Evergrande is in trouble: See why the unsurprised includes Global Market Perspective subscribers.


China, India: Richer or Poorer?

Read this excerpt from the September Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast to see where China and India are headed: for “wealth creation” or “wealth destruction.”

Why “Losses Are the Norm” in the Stock Market

Sir Isaac Newton said: "I can measure the motions of bodies, but I cannot measure human folly." Get the financial context of this famous mathematician's statement, plus learn how investors can lose money in the best performing mutual fund.