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India’s Nifty 50: Does the Bad Jobs Outlook Spell Trouble for Stocks?

India’s “employment outlook” just reached its lowest level in 14 years.

by Robert Folsom
Updated: February 19, 2020

Global Opportunities Via Exchange-Traded Funds – Now

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Independent Scotland = Market Crash?

Scotland's independence is again a hot topic in Britain, with many observers saying that a break-up of the union would be bad for the country's financial markets. For a different look at causality -- i.e., chicken vs. the egg -- watch our Head of Global Strategy show you the current Elliott wave setup in EURGBP and FTSE.

Stocks vs. U.S. Births: Is There Really a Connection?

In a word, yes. A couple of decades ago, Robert Prechter plotted the number of annual births on a stock market chart and noticed a remarkable correlation. Except, it's not for the reasons you may think... Watch the Socionomics Institute's Director Matt Lampert and EWI's Robert Folsom dive into details.

How This Global Financial Player Became “Primed” for a 90% Plunge

"How The Mighty Have Fallen." That's the title of one of our revealing charts inside our just-published May Global Market Perspective. Take a look at a "triple top" in the price pattern of this global financial institution -- and the 90% decline which followed.