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Analyst Spotlight: Mark Galasiewski

Learn more about our Asian-Pacific markets expert

by Alexandra Lienhard
Updated: January 23, 2017

Mark Galasiewski is the editor of EWI's monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast. Mark also contributes to the Asian-Pacific section of Global Market Perspective.

Mark's a big-picture guy -- he loves analyzing the longer term chart patterns since they have the most significance to human social history. Watch this 3-minute video to learn what shaped Mark's outlook on the markets and how he got his start with Elliott wave analysis.

Get ahead of the trends in Asia with Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast provides the world’s most forward-thinking big-picture perspective of Asian-Pacific markets. Editor Mark Galasiewski understands the vitality of Asian, Indian and Australian markets and gives you the analysis you need to keep your finger on the pulse of one of the most exciting regions on the globe.

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