European Financial Forecast Service

European Financial Forecast Service is our primary service covering key markets in Europe. 

It covers the DAX, FTSE 100 and 250, CAC-40, AEX, SMI, IBEX 35, S&P/MIB, Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, RTS, CECE Overall Traded Index, euro and other featured markets across Europe. 

Throughout the month you get actionable forecasts delivered straight to your computer. Brian, Chris and Bob show you how Europe's stock markets, economies and other parts of society fit together in a clear macro view of the entire region and its key countries as well.

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Get detailed forecasts of European markets

Three times a week, you get a detailed look at where we think Europe's major stock indexes are most likely to head in the coming days. 

At the start of the month, you get the longer-term perspective on the markets and learn how social mood is pushing prices and events. 

Mid-month, you get Robert Prechter's inimitable comments on the markets, inflation/deflation, credit and debt, the economy and financial theory.

You get over 150 pages of text and charts every month for a very low price.

Note: The European Financial Forecast Service includes The Elliott Wave Theorist, The European Financial Forecast and The European Short Term Update.

Plus, we'll send you two bestsellers, at no cost:

Elliott Wave Principle

You will get immediate access to a free digital copy of a Wall Street classic, Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior, Robert Prechter and A.J. Frost's comprehensive guide to understanding and applying the Elliott Wave Principle ($29 value).

Conquer the Crash

After 30 days, you will get access to a free digital copy of Prechter's New York Times bestseller, Conquer the Crash (4-Star rating, $29.95 value) -- full of practical dos and don'ts for today's investor. Updated for its third edition, Conquer the Crash now includes loads of new charts, analysis and forecasts as well as our valuable Crash Watch bundle of resources.

Get Insights From Market Veterans Who've Seen It All Before

Brian Whitmer, Chris Carolan and Robert Prechter are the market analysts behind the European Financial Forecast Service. Together they offer nearly 75 years' experience commenting professionally on the markets, and from raging bulls to unfettered bears, these guys have witnessed it all.

Brian Whitmer

Brian Whitmer Editor, European Financial Forecast

Brian Whitmer is a pure technical analyst. He is proficient in socionomics, putting him in tune with events in the region. Brian describes himself as self-educated in Austrian economics, so he is well versed in the misunderstandings of mainstream theories. He also contributes the European stock section of our monthly Global Market Perspective. He is a well-traveled speaker and appears frequently as a guest on financial television.


Chris Carolan

Chris Carolan Editor, Asian-Pacific Short Term Update & European Short Term Update

Chris Carolan is a pioneer in his field and 1998 recipient of the Charles Dow Award for excellence and creativity in technical analysis. He excels at keeping you abreast of the patterns and opportunities in the European and Asian-Pacific markets in his European Short Term Update and Asian-Pacific Short Term Update. He also often comments on bond and foreign exchange markets, unfolding news stories that relate to social mood, the Wave Principle and worldwide trends that impact the European and Asian regions.


Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter began his professional career in 1975 as a Technical Market Specialist with the Merrill Lynch Market Analysis Department in New York. He has been publishing The Elliott Wave Theorist since 1979 and is the president of Elliott Wave International. He is also Executive Director of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its impact on social action, including the stock market and the economy.

You Receive Special Reports and Interim Reports

Your subscription to European Financial Forecast Service is more than just a typical subscription. Each month, you get access to more than 150 pages of charts and incisive market forecasts. Brian, Chris and Bob and their research staff also produce Interim Reports at critical junctures in the market—when you need them most. We send you these Reports immediately via email and website posting. And when the markets develop a significant trend that’s worthy of an in-depth discussion, Brian, Chris and Bob will prepare a Special Report to give you a deeper, strategic view.

Here’s What European Financial Forecast Service Subscribers Are Reading Right Now (all available to you instantly when you subscribe).

Short Term Update

The European Short Term Update

5 back issues available
Published: M|W|F (updates 3x/wk.)

Recent Issue Topics

  • Jan 8: Some regional bourses showed near-vertical moves since the start of the year -- find out if we see them as sustainable.

Financial Forecast Service

The European Financial Forecast

4 back issues available
Last: 1/5/2018 (updates 1x/mo.)

Current Issue Topics

  • The mood across the Continent has moved from historically elevated to unprecedented. See what we think it implies for 2018.

The Elliott Wave Theorist

Last: 3/13/2018 - Interim (updates 1x/mo.)

Current Issue Topics

  • Recent changes in multiple markets aligns with market action from decades ago.

Free Subscriber Extras

When you subscribe, you automatically get access to classic reports, multimedia files, educational tools, and more. It's all included with the price of your subscription.

How to Use Momentum to Catch Opportunities in International Markets Streaming video | 35 minutes

In this video, Chris Carolan teaches you the indicators he uses to spot opportunities in real-life market scenarios.

Discover the Elliott Wave Principle PDF | 11 pages

This downloadable booklet is the perfect introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. It spells out the basic Elliott wave patterns and how to identify key trends and turns in the markets.

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