Why stocks are about to get DEMOLISHED

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In this free report, Deflation and the Devaluation Derby, you'll read about currency devaluation's role in the unraveling global crisis

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See the facts for yourself

The evidence is clear. Much of the world is under deflation's tightening grip. Does it mean stocks are about to crash tomorrow? Not necessarily -- and when you read our latest analysis, you will see why -- however, tumbling stock prices are an inevitable result.

This free report comes from recent analysis from two of our top analysts and covers both US and Europe. It's loaded with more than 20 charts that show you why we think stocks are about to get demolished. This free report gives you a unique and timely perspective that you simply won't find anywhere else.

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Meet Your Authors

Steve Hochberg

Steven Hochberg Chief Market Analyst

Steven Hochberg is the Chief Market Analyst for Elliott Wave International. He is the co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and editor of The Short Term Update. Hochberg began his career with Merrill Lynch & Co. and joined Elliott Wave International in 1994.


Peter Kendall

Peter Kendall Co-Editor, Elliott Wave Financial Forecast

Peter Kendall is co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. Pete authored The Mania Chronicles with Robert Prechter in 2009 and contributes to The Short Term Update. Pete began his career as a financial reporter and columnist and joined EWI in 1992.


Brian Whitmer

Brian Whitmer Editor, European Financial Forecast

Brian Whitmer is a pure technical analyst. He is proficient in socionomics, putting him in tune with events in the region. Brian describes himself as self-educated in Austrian economics, so he is well versed in the misunderstandings of mainstream theories. He also contributes the European stock section of our monthly Global Market Perspective. He is a well-traveled speaker and appears frequently as a guest on financial television.