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Once reserved only for professionals, Global Market Perspective puts a team of analysts with more than 200 years of combined market experience to work for you. With 40+ markets covered and dozens of charts, it serves as your roadmap to global investment opportunity.

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FREE VIDEO | Bob Prechter Video: Batten Down the Hatches
In this video from November, 2013, Bob relates his view of the next 3 years in stocks and more. Enjoy this video presentation from Robert Prechter's November 2013 presentation at the New Orleans Investment Conference. (20 minutes)

FREE VIDEO | The Basics of the Wave Principle
This streaming video covers all the basics – from the rules and guidelines, to wave personalities and structures, to Fibonacci relationships and more! (90 minutes)

FREE VIDEO | Crisis & Opportunity: An Elliott Wave Overview of the Markets
In this presentation, recorded at the San Francisco MoneyShow, EWI's Chief Market Analyst Steve Hochberg gives his overview of where stocks, bonds, real estate, oil, commodities, gold, the dollar and more are headed for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015. Steve also dispels the widely held belief of “central bank supremacy” in the battle against deflation. Enjoy his eye-opening hour-long presentation now.

FREE SPECIAL REPORT | The Developing European Tinderbox: A Socionomic Study
Brian Whitmer shows you how negative mood is driving apart the economies and politics of the European Union. (8 pages)

FREE SPECIAL REPORT | Market Myths of the Asian Financial Crisis of 97-98
Mark Galasiewski debunks the recently resurrected myths from the Asian Financial Crisis. (6 pages)

FREE SPECIAL REPORT | Forming the 2009 Bottom in Asia
In March and April 2009, as Asian markets were at long-term lows, The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast accurately predicted that Asian markets had completed declining waves and were set to advance. You can read this timeless analysis that provides the long-term context necessary to understand what's going on in Asian markets now. (13 pages)

Plus you get the following valuable resources available to all EWI subscribers:

FREE BOOKS | Complimentary copies of Robert Prechter's just-published New York Times bestseller, Conquer the Crash 2014, and Prechter and Frost's groundbreaking Wall Street classic, Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior (255 pages). ($58 value) shipping applies

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS |  Subscribers get access to many exclusive reports, videos and services, such as the 90-minute Basics of the Wave Principle video, an extensive list of classic educational reports and tons more – all at no additional cost. ($100+ value)


"I find your analysis of the U.S. stock markets, bonds, the dollar and precious metals to be of the highest caliber. You have achieved a level of expertise that is unparalleled in the industry and your analysis definitely needs to be an integral part of any serious traders' decision-making process."
– C.B.

"I'm an EWI subscriber to Global Market Perspective, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, Short Term Update and The Elliott Wave Theorist since October 2002. Thank you very much for your fantastic work, and your great team. I cannot imagine where I would be now, without you! I think I will stay with EWI forever."
– J.G.

"EWI must be commended for recognizing the maturity of the Asian markets."
– David L., Singapore

"I love to see when Elliott Wave refers to past predictions that have come to pass. Could someone write an article on the word SURPRISE. I see it all the time in the Wall Street Journal. It is used in reference to earnings, job reports, government economists, etc. I am usually thinking 'Hey, I remember reading about that in Elliott Wave Financial Forecast.'"
– P.L.

"Clearly your analysts have their finger on the pulse of the local scene here."
– John W., Hong Kong

"I really enjoy your analysis and I would like to thank you for it. Sharp and crispy as it should be, without being dogmatic. Be sure that you have become part of my essential daily readings."
– Eduard S.

"I am absolutely speechless. What can I say? Words cannot possibly begin to describe this report."
– Paul J.

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