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Tips for Trading Options with Elliott Waves

In this new interview, Wayne Gorman, the head of our Educational Resources Department, offers tips and strategies for options traders.

Learn 4 Key Elements of High Confidence Trading

In this interview, Chief Commodity Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shares with you his 4-step method for finding high-confidence trade setups.

NYSE Glitch Offers Hint of Coming Trading Environment

On May 18, NYSE trades were disrupted due to a technical issue. During the next market downturn, many investors will blame collapsing prices on such glitches. But the cause will actually be increased investor pessimism. Even so, structural risks exist. High emotions will exacerbate those risks.

How to Apply Moving Averages as a Trading Tool

A moving average (MA) is one of the simplest technical tools an analyst or trader can use. In this 6-minute video lesson, Jeffrey Kennedy explores the different types of moving averages and how you can apply them on your charts.

Simple Yet Powerful Trading Tools

In this new interview, Jeffrey Kennedy gives a trading lesson on how to use trendlines, trend channels, price gaps and other technical tools in conjunction with Elliott wave analysis.

Jeffrey Kennedy on Teaching, Trading, and Technical Analysis

In this interview, Jeffrey Kennedy, editor of Trader's Classroom, talks about his three passions: teaching, trading and technical analysis.

3 Ways the Elliott Wave Principle Enhances Your Trading

Learn about 3 practical benefits of trading with the Elliott Wave Principle.

Have You Taken These 4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Trading?

Jeffrey Kennedy is a 20-plus year Elliott wave market veteran. In this new interview, he walks you through his 4-step process of how to find high-confidence, low-risk trade setups.

Top 3 Technical Tools Part 3: MACD

Enhance your trading confidence with this short lesson on how to combine Moving Average Convergence Divergence with other technical tools.

What Trading Opportunities Does the Wave Principle Identify?

Learn how the Wave Principle helps you trade with the trend, which waves offer trade setups and how to "keep it simple" when using the Wave Principle.

So You Want to Learn Elliott Wave Analysis?

Learning how to apply Elliott wave analysis in your own investing or trading? Hear these tips from a Wall Street veteran who's been personally using Elliott waves since the 1980s.

Everyone is Looking for Trading Opportunities -- Here's How to FIND Them

In this 3-minute video, our Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens shows you several Elliott wave patterns that offer high-confidence trading opportunities.

Trading with Elliott Waves Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Jeffrey Kennedy explains why the Wave Principle is such a reliable and powerful way to forecast the financial markets.

How to Apply Japanese Candlestick Analysis to Find Trading Opportunities

You don't need years of experience to find a high-confidence trade setup. Here's how to apply a few popular Japanese candlestick patterns and a simple moving average to accomplish that task. Watch...

You Asked. We Answered. (New Video "Mailbag" Episode.)

In our new ElliottwaveTV episode that we call "Video Mailbag," you'll hear from two of our global analysts: Global Opportunities Expert Chris Carolan and Chief Commodity Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy.

Gain Trading Confidence by Improving Your Wave Analysis Skills

How do you distinguish between a "good" Elliott wave count and a "bad" wave count? Watch this new video lesson on how to develop good wave counting skills from our Trader's Classroom.

How to Use the Stochastic Oscillator

Watch an 11-minute lesson from Jeffrey Kennedy's Trader's Classroom to learn how you can use the stochastic oscillator in your analysis and trading.

How a Key Reversal Bar Pattern Can Alert You to a Potential Trade

Too often, people take a ready-fire-aim approach to trading. That's, obviously, backwards. Today, Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how to take aim but wait before you pull the trigger. Watch.

How to Identify and Trade an Ending Diagonal

Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how to identify and trade an ending diagonal in the chart of Union Pacific (UNP)

How to Spot and Trade a Head & Shoulders Pattern

Edwards and Magee popularized "Head & Shoulders" price patterns in their Technical Analysis of Stock Trends. Watch our Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy explain how to properly use this powerful reversal pattern. 

FAQ: What time frame is best for using Elliott wave analysis?

We often get asked "What time frame is best for using Elliott wave analysis?" In this 2-minute clip, Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy answers that very questions.

Trader Education Week: Valuable For Traders At All Levels

Jeffrey Kennedy discusses one of our most popular events, Trader Education Week. Details about the free event inside.

When Is The Right Time To Exit a "Good Trade"?

How do you know the right time to exit when price action goes your way? While no forecasting method guarantees that you buy at the absolute low and sell at the absolute high, Elliott wave analysis -- and, specifically, Fibonacci relationships between waves -- can help you identify high-probability price targets.

Which Technical Indicators Work Well with Elliott Wave Analysis?

Learn how the rules and guidelines of the Wave Principle help traders identify exactly when they're wrong and about the strengths of technical tools that Jeffrey Kennedy, our Senior Tutorial Instructor, uses himself.

Top 3 Technical Tools Part 2: Relative Strength Index (RSI)

This video lesson gives you tips on how to use a simple and effective trend-change indicator: the Relative Strength Index (RSI). You'll also see an example of this technical analysis tool in action: Halliburton Company (NYSE:HAL).

Learn to Trade Like the Professionals

Years ago, analyst Jeffrey Kennedy started an educational column for subscribers of his Commodity Junctures service. His lessons became so popular that we expanded this idea into a service we call Trader's Classroom. Join us for a free lesson.

When Does a Forecast Become a Trade?

Jeffrey Kennedy, the editor of our popular Trader's Classroom educational service, weighs in on how you know when it's time to enter a trade.

EWAVES Developer: "We are not quants" -- and Here's Why It Matters

You've probably heard of "quants," or quantitative analysts. You may also know that we've been developing our own AI system we call EWAVES. In this interview, learn what makes EWAVES different.

Analyst Spotlight: Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman (Part 2 of 2)

In part 2 of this in-depth interview with Wayne Gorman, he tells you why he approaches the Elliott Wave Principle as a science -- and why that makes analyzing and forecasting the markets more exciting.

Analyst Spotlight: Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman (Part 1 of 2)

In part 1 of this in-depth interview with Wayne Gorman, he tells you how he discovered the Wave Principle and explains why "the learning never stops."

7 Classic Elliott Wave Trade Setups You'll See Again and Again

The best thing about Elliott wave patterns? Easy: They repeat -- on all timeframes, across markets. Once you know what to look for, you see familiar patterns in most charts. And that means countless new opportunities.

Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Perfect Elliott Wave Analysis

Our Senior Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy tells you about the four key principles that'll help improve your Elliott wave skills.

32 Results