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Gold & U.S. Dollar: Correlation?

Our Senior Metals Analyst explains the real - or perceived - relationship between gold and the U.S. dollar.

A Thanksgiving Pummeling of Precious Metals

It was supposed to be a "quiet" Thanksgiving holiday in precious metals. But thanks to a 7%-plus sell-off in silver, it's been anything but.

Gold: The Rally Is Going to Continue

Tom Denham, the editor of our Metals Pro Service, explains to ElliottWaveTV's Dana Weeks why he thinks the uptrend in gold will continue.

Gold: "It's an Exciting Time Right Now"

Our senior metals analyst tells you about the indicators that help with forecasting gold's intraday moves -- and explains why it's an "exciting time" for gold traders right now.

Metals: How Elliott Helps You as the Trend Matures

Metals Pro Service editor Tom Denham knows how important it is to stick with a trend once you’re in it. Tom also notes that Elliott lets you fine-tune turns as the trend matures. A 9-minute subscribers-only video; initial 1:52 available to the public.

Learn How The Wave Principle Spots Changes In Trend

Are you curious about spotting market turns? Our metals analyst uses the Wave Principle throughout every trading day to help his subscribers spot important changes in trend.

Gold and Silver: The "Cone" of Elliott Wave Analysis

On March 14, fundamental analysis experts in precious metals had their sights pinned on two main factors, both with bullish near-term implications. And yet, gold and silver prices are down hard! Here is our take on the situation.

Gold, Silver & More: Here’s What To Expect Next

Tom Denham gives you new insights into the recent price action across the metals markets.

Copper, Gold and More: A Fresh Look at Industrial and Precious Metals

Tom Denham outlines the Elliott wave patterns he's looking at in copper, aluminum and gold and discusses what these patterns imply for the future of these markets.

Our Top Metals Analyst Pins Down the Latest Big Move in Platinum

On September 21, a perfect bullish storm brewed in the fundamental backdrop of platinum. And yet, on September 23, platinum turned down in a vicious sell-off to six-month lows. Let us offer you an explanation you won’t read in the mainstream.

Gold & Syria: Not So Simple

The recent nerve gas attack in Syria has brought the United States and other nations to the point of taking military action. The threat of a larger involvement in war is usually thought to affect the price of gold, as if it were a fundamental divining rod for gold prices.

Evidence That Gold and Silver Are Not So Precious During Economic Downturns

It's often said that gold and silver "always" go up during hard economic times. But you might be surprised to learn what the historical evidence says about this widely held belief. Let's start with gold ...

Conjoined Metal Rally Twins: Lead and Zinc Soar to Multi-Month Highs

Here's the what: On October 9, zinc and lead stole the metals show by staging powerful rallies from five-year lows to multi-month highs. As for the why -- well, there's two sides to that story...

How the Trend in Gold Surprised the Speculators

The price of gold just saw its biggest surge since January. Yet most precious metals traders have been bearish on gold. See a chart that shows how we've kept subscribers ahead of gold's trend.

Gold: When Safe Havens Feel Unsafe

On July 22, gold prices soared 3%-plus to go above $1300 per ounce in their largest percentage gain since June 29, 2012. The fact is, the July 22 rally in gold makes absolutely no sense in terms of fundamental analysis of financial markets. It is, however, easy to understand in the context of objective Elliott wave analysis. Let's look back on EWI's Metals Specialty Service for support.

If the Fed Stops Easing, Will Gold Start Wheezing?

Ask a mainstream economist about the relationship between central bank monetary policy and precious metals, and you'll hear something like: A hawkish Federal Reserve is to gold prices what kryptonite is to Superman. End the money printing and low interest rates, and you take the gravity-defying power out of gold.

Here's What Gold's Price Trend Showed at the All-Time Peak

Learn what we said about gold when the metals mania was in full force. It's time to look again at the price pattern and see what's ahead for gold.

Silver Has Come Out of Gold's Shadow

Tom Denham talks about recent price action in gold and silver.

Does Inflation Really Make Gold and Silver Go Up?

This idea of gold as inflation hedge is practically gospel. This chart shows a major flaw in this theory.

And the Medal for Best-Performing Metal of 2016 Goes to...

Which precious metal has outperformed all others in 2016? You might think gold or silver. But the real answer is... palladium. Turns out, this metal underdog has one factor to thank for its incredible bull run… See for yourself.

Gold Bulls "Heart" the Yuan: Match Made In Heaven?

On Thursday, August 13, gold's price soared to a near one-month high. But before you thank the yuan's devaluation for the precious metal's rally -- you should definitely read this report...

A Beautiful Road Map in Gold

If you were to believe the mainstream financial media's interpretation of gold's price action in recent weeks, you would reach one simple conclusion; namely, that gold investors are mentally unbalanced. One day, they seem to take their cues directly from hawkish hearsay surrounding the Federal Reserve.

Gold and Silver Shine in Today's Upside Down Financial World

Fed up with earning next to nothing on your bank deposits? It could be worse. Some depositors are actually paying for the privilege. Here's an idea for protecting your hard-earned money.

Silver: What Happens When Most Traders Are "All-in"?

No trader wants to be "left behind" when a financial market takes off. But many traders jump aboard a trend just when it's on the cusp of a reversal. Silver is a case in point, for bull and bears.

Why Gold Prices Crashed: Trading Ploy or Elliott Wave Pattern?

The what: On July 20, gold prices plunged below $1100 an ounce for the first time in five years. As for the WHY -- well, the real reason might surprise you.

High Ho Silver! Prices Surge to 2-Year High

From June 23 to July 4, silver prices exploded upwards, soaring 16% to a two-year high. According to the mainstream experts, the Brexit vote was a main catalyst for the white metal's winning streak. But there's much more to this story that they aren't saying.

The Key to Copper Prices: Supply, Demand... or Something Else?

On April 11, copper prices took step one of a powerful rally that launched the red metal to one-month highs -- despite a raft of bearish data that pointed the market in the opposite direction. Makes you think something else is at work!

Bob Prechter's Big 5 Warnings for Gold and Silver Investors

Successful market analysis is rooted in irony and paradox. Our gold and silver analysis at the peak two years ago relied heavily on five arguments directly opposed to those offered everywhere else we look.

Gold Dives 2%: Why The "Gangbuster" U.S. Jobs Report Is NOT To Blame

On Feb. 6, gold prices plunged 2%. The mainstream experts blamed the fall on a "gangbuster" jobs report. The real answer to what caused it, though, is right in front of you. 

Are You Puzzled by Gold's Price Action?

The story goes like this: First, gold prices soar as global stock markets crash. Then, gold prices plunge as global stock markets... crash? It's time for a different version of events...

Gold's Near-Term Trend: "X" Marks the Spot

On March 10, gold prices turned down from a 13-month high to embark on the 11-session sell-off we see today. The problem is, the metal's downtrend fits nowhere into the mainstream picture. It does, however, fit into the Elliott wave one. 

Gold Prices: Summer Doldrums Ahead?

On May 4, we were right alongside the mainstream experts with a bullish outlook on gold -- save for one "critical" difference. Our analysis identified a critical support level that, if breached, would tilt the odds in favor of a major decline. And that has made all the difference.

Gold Prices: Why the Fed Matters Less Than You May Think

On September 17, gold traders and investors were sure of one thing: IF the Fed kept interest rates near 0% for a "considerable time," gold prices would rise. The Fed did just that -- YET, gold prices dropped 1% that day. What gives?

Understanding Gold's Long-Term and Near-Term Trends

From the start of 2013 to late June, gold prices took a 20% nosedive to their lowest level in three years. But if you think an improving economy took the wind out of gold's sails, the last six decades of history might surprise you.

Gold Prices: Led by the Fed?

On October 27, one day before the latest Fed meeting wrapped up, gold prices flexed their bullish muscle, soaring to $1180 per ounce. Many experts did not see the Fed's coming decision as a threat for the rally. And then this happened.

Gold Prices Rise: "Fear Play" or Elliott Wave Pattern?

On January 6, gold prices rallied to a 2-month high. But before you say "North Korea," know this: Elliott wave analysis foresaw gold's uptrend before the "H-bomb" went off.

Aluminum "Foils" Market Fundamentals En Route to New Highs

At the start of 2017, China and the U.S. were engaged in a bitter “Aluminum War” – one widely expected to keep the metal’s price under pressure. And yet, since early January, aluminum prices have rallied to a 2-year high. Our take on why might surprise you.  

A Great Model to Understand Gold's Price Swings

On October 31, gold prices touched their lowest level since July 2010. You're going to hear a lot about how gold's decline had much ado about the Fed's end of QE. Don't believe it!

Silver Forecast: The One Thing (Almost) Everyone Got Wrong

In late 2015, the mainstream experts were certain of one thing: The Federal Reserve’s first rate hike in nine years was set to drive a stake through the heart of silver’s upside potential. And yet, the white metal took off in December on a 50%-strong, 7-month-long rally to multi-year highs. This story is worth the wait!

Gold Bulls Play "The Fed Loves Me. The Fed Loves Me Not"

Mainstream economists say gold's trend is in the eye of the Fed holder. Rate hikes are bearish, while low rates are bullish. See why this love story isn't everything it seems.

Gold Prices and the "F" Word: Who's Really In Charge of the Trend?

Question: Why did gold prices rally to a two-week high on September 18? Hint: The answer does NOT include one specific "F" word; namely, the "Federal" Reserve's recent "no" vote to raise rates.

Platinum: See the Real Reason for Its Recent Retreat to a 6-Year Low

When platinum prices plunged to a 6.5 year low on July 17, the mainstream experts blamed the Fed's anticipated rate hike. But that kind of logic is nowhere near inside the right orbit.

Gold Investors: Who You Callin' Crazy?

Gold has been mired in a four-year long bear market, with prices still sitting 30%-plus below their 2011 high. And, some people are saying it's crazy to own gold.

Does the Fed Drive the Price of Gold?

The conventional wisdom says that the Fed's decision to leave rates unchanged triggered a jump in gold to a 12-week high. But does the central bank's policy really drive the price of gold? See how the Wave Principle helps us to forecast gold.

Gold Rose 28% This Year. What Are You Reading About It NOW?

For the year, the DJIA is up about 7%. Gold prices rose 28% between January and July. How did gold become one of this year's best performers? For answers, take a look at this chart.

Silver: When the Market Doesn't Quite Cooperate

Picture this. You are a looking at a price chart, and you see a wave pattern you recognize. Based on the pattern, you think the market should fall. Instead, it rises. How do you adjust your analysis? Let's look at a real-life example: silver futures.

Gold Rally Defies Bearish Money Managers

Professional investors made a huge bet against gold in December. We took the opposite stance. Money managers are now licking their wounds. The price of the yellow metal has climbed north of 22%. Position your portfolio for gold's next big move.

Silver Prices: "Smoking Gun" May Not Be What Some Think

In December, a "smoking gun" of price manipulation was allegedly uncovered in the silver market. A month later, our analysis showed a different "smoking gun" on silver's price chart: a bullish Elliott wave pattern. (Result: On February 28, silver touched a 3-month high.) See two charts that tell the story.

First, the Euro. Now -- Gold.

This week served us two examples of the same Elliott wave pattern foreshadowing a big rally in two major markets: first, the euro -- and now, gold.

Paging Dr Copper

Copper's uses are so widespread that earned a nickname for "diagnosing" the economy -- as in, "Dr. Copper." Well, Dr. Copper's prices have not been doing that great. On Nov. 23, MarketWatch reported that, "Copper futures slumped to six-year lows..."

Gold: Navigating the Uncertainty

"Nobody really understands gold prices, and I don't pretend to understand them either," the former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke once said. Well, if all you do is look at gold's "fundamentals," he's right -- the difficulty is obvious. 

A Near-Term Forecast for Gold to Go Higher

Gold's near-to-intermediate price trend is one thing, while the metal's long-term trend is another.  When a countertrend rally concludes, the turn can be swift and dramatic.

Let's Talk About the Price Juncture of Gold

Gold's price had been turned back by a line of resistance on several occasions since May. But something significant happened on October 9 that every gold investor should know about.

A Perspective on Gold vs. Gold Mining Shares

Should you buy gold mining shares if you're bullish gold? Two charts and accompanying commentary provide valuable perspective.

Gold: Here's What Caused the Oct. 4 Crash

On October 4, gold prices crashed $40-plus per ounce in their steepest single-day drop in three years. Many cited "hawkish" Fed comments for pulling the rug out from under gold. But that only explains the metal's fall after the fact. What really happened?

Gold: See 2 Factors that Warned of the Rally a Month Ago

It's tempting to say that gold is up 16% YTD "as investors are seeking a safe haven." Problem is, this (very logical) explanation tells you little about where gold might go tomorrow. Elliott wave analysis, on the other hand, does.

Rethink EVERYTHING: The Real Reason Gold Is Rallying

On October 8, the Fed's "dovish" meeting minutes were released. One day later, gold prices leapt to a 3-week high. But here's why the one had little to do with the other.

Where Is Gold Headed? The Answer Doesn't Lie in Greece

On July 7, gold prices turned down in a $20/oz. intraday tumble. As for what caused gold to lose its luster -- see why Greece's debt crisis is NOT the reason.

Gold Prices: The Fed is NOT the "Force" that Awakens

The U.S. Federal Reserve's December 16 rate hike was interpreted by gold bulls the world over as a virtual lightsaber through the heart. But as recent history proves: The "force" behind gold prices isn't the Fed... 

Who Holds the Future of Gold in Its Hands? Hint: It's Not the Fed!

Mainstream economic wisdom says the Federal Reserve holds the fate of gold prices in its hand. Cut rates, and gold rallies. Raise rates, and gold falls. Recent history, however, tells a radically different story.

Copper's Near-Term Outlook: Identity Crisis Averted

Lately, copper's identity has been swinging back and forth from "precious" metal to "industrial" metal and back again. It's enough to make investors feel crazy! But in our opinion, there's a very clear method to copper's seeming "madness" -- one seen through the eyes of Elliott wave analysis.

Gold Prices, Rate Hikes and the Placebo Effect

On October 28, gold prices took off to the upside in a powerful surge, despite ongoing expectations of a rate hike by the Fed. Turns out, mainstream analysis of the yellow metal is pressing all the wrong buttons. 

What Happened to Gold's "Disaster-Driven" Bull Market?

2016 has been a year of shocks. And for many gold bugs, that includes the unrelenting downtrend that gold prices have endured since June. According to the experts, gold was supposed to be soaring, not sputtering. So, what happened?

Gold's Fate is NOT in the Hands of the Federal Reserve

According to mainstream financial wisdom, the Federal Reserve is to gold prices what Gepetto is to Pinocchio: If the Fed raises rates, gold prices fall. But one look at recent events proves the “nose” on this story is getting longer and longer!

Gold: A Perspective on the Extreme Pessimism

Many speculators believe that the price of gold is headed down. See a chart that shows what happened with gold during other times when sentiment was extremely negative. Another chart addresses the widespread belief that rising interest rates are bearish for gold.

Gold: "Sharp Move Ahead"

Here's a weekly chart of gold, covering the past five years: You can see that, from the peak high in 2011, gold's price trend has moved in a series of waves lower, recently down to levels last seen in 2010 ... So, what's up with those green arrows?

Sentiment and Gold: Pessimism at an Extreme

chart of the day | This is a daily chart of spot gold prices, as the action stood on November 9, one week ago. Here are a couple of things that make this chart interesting. First, we see four completed waves of what we expect to be a five-wave pattern. Second...

Silver Prices: Three Turns Forecast in Four Months

After our December forecast, silver closed higher nine weeks in a row and rallied 16%. See it (and more) for yourself.

Gold & Silver: Why It’s Unusual to See Different Price Patterns

Why it's unusual for gold and silver to have different patterns -- as they've shown lately -- and what that means for the price trends going forward.

Gold: It's Not Just About Supply and Demand

You may think that investing in gold differs from investing in stocks -- after all, gold is a commodity. Yet, the same investor psychology that moves stocks also moves gold.

See the Gold Forecast Many Have Missed

On Dec. 16, gold traders were more bearish on a longer-term basis than they were in July 1999, when the precious metal was at $252.15. That day, our Short Term Update said, "It's tough to lean against the crowd ... but that's exactly what our analysis suggests is proper at the current juncture." On Jan. 17, gold hit a 2-month high.

Gold: A Classic Lesson in Elliott Wave Forecasting

Gold happens to reflect Elliott wave patterns beautifully. Watch this clip from a presentation by EWI's chief market analyst, where he walks you through gold's pattern starting at the 2011 top.

Ben Bernanke Doesn't Understand Gold

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made this startling confession before a Senate Banking Committee on July 18, 2013: "Nobody really understands gold prices, and I don't pretend to understand them either." For some perspective, that's kind of like boarding an airplane only to have the pilot get on the PA system and say, "Does anyone know what this flashing red button means?"

Gold Reserve Losses Cost Governments $545 Billion

Major world governments bought huge quantities of gold near the precious metal's 2011 high, and their gold portfolios have since taken a big hit. Is it wise for investors to buy the dip... or does the downtrend in gold have further to go?

Gold: The Higher the Rise, the Harder the Fall

The price of gold is a long way down from its September 2011 all-time high. If you invest in gold, knowing where it's headed according to the wave patterns could be helpful. 

Gold Prices: Change Happens in the "Blink" of an Eye

Malcolm Gladwell's best-seller Blink shows how our first impressions are unconsciously manipulated by forces outside our control. Now, hedge fund and other money managers -- they aren't unconsciously swayed by the masses, right? Don't be so sure.

Gold: How to Time the Next MAJOR Bottom

If you live in the U.S., maybe you've noticed lately that "We Buy Gold!" signs are disappearing from sidewalks in front of pawn shops. The signs really began popping up in 2010-2011, when gold prices were climbing to their all-time high of $1900 an ounce. And even after gold tumbled...

Gold Buying: Why Central Bankers are the Ultimate "Odd Lotters"

When it comes to timing the major turns of one market in particular -- gold -- central bankers are consistently as "off" as a week-old fish. Case in point, gold's 2011 peak...

Gold: Extreme Sentiment Accompanies "Final Bullish Flourish"

Extreme sentiment usually accompanies the peak of a financial mania. Such was the case in 2011 with gold. Now, gold could see its biggest move in months.

Gold: This Sentiment Usually Prevails at a Low

For the first time since 2006, speculators are shorting gold. Sentiment was also extremely negative around the time of gold's low in 2001. A 10-year bull market followed.

Gold: Is It 2011 All Over Again?

Even professional investors tend to get aboard a trend just when it's about to turn. Such is the case with gold. But analysis that's independent from the prevailing sentiment can keep you ahead of important financial turns. Take a look at these two charts.

Gold: Why You Should Pay Attention to "Extreme Opinions"

Gold has been hailed as "the biggest story of this year" lately. And to think that just in December, pundits were saying that gold had "lost its luster"! How did the mainstream miss this sleeper opportunity? This video gives you an answer.

Silver Sentiment Looks Golden

Bullish sentiment among silver traders recently fell to 8 percent, the lowest reading since mid-2015. So, sentiment is in the right place for the next big leg in the price pattern.

324-Day Cycle Points to Spike in Gold Volatility

In the past month, gold saw a big spike in volatility. Commentators pointed to the U.S. presidential election as the cause. But Elliott wave analysts made a forecast for volatility in gold when the CBOE Gold ETF VIX index had been trending lower, and made no mention of the election. Here's what we saw.

Money Managers in Gold: Love 'Em Here, Hate 'Em There

chart of the day | We follow a lot of financial markets, yet the sentiment we see at work in gold continues to be compelling. Here, you see two charts of gold sentiment: from December 21 and January 4.

Gold's Potential Remains High

chart of the day | Two groups of futures and options traders, their activity in the gold futures market, and why (as usual) the extremes are extremely relevant.

Gold's 2016 Rally Defies Fundamental Logic

In December 2015, the fundamental experts gave gold's future two, enthusiastic thumbs-down. And yet, from a six-year low, gold prices turned up, rallying 20% to a 22-month high this June. Turns out, there's more to this market than meets the fundamental eye.

What's Next For the Primary Wave in Gold?

The forecast low we labeled ten months ago has proven itself -- because a primary wave rally has indeed unfolded thru most of 2016. What's next?

A Spreading Sign of Silver's Potential

Here's what we can learn about silver's price trend, from two different groups of traders.

Gold Jumps 2% -- and Probably Has More to Go

On Feb. 8, U.S. and global stocks had a rough day. And what, says the conventional wisdom, "reliably" goes up when markets are "uncertain"? That's right: gold. But here's something you should know...

You Saw It Here First: Gold as a "Fear Hedge" is a Myth

It's been conventional wisdom for decades: Gold is a "fear hedge." And yet, like many other market myths we've written about, this one is also just that -- a myth. Look at this chart, decide for yourself.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Gold's Price Pattern Right Now

In December, most money managers hated gold. But the Wave Principle said gold was going higher. On Feb. 11, the yellow metal hit a one-year high. Now is the time to position your portfolio for gold's next big move.

Gold Sees Best Quarter in 30 Years - What's Next?

Gold's price trend has baffled investors at almost every turn. Even going back to gold's 2001 low of $255, one major publication called the precious metal "tarnished!" Gold's price went up 653% from there! Today, gold's wave pattern is clear, and Elliott-minded investors are benefitting.

How to Get a Firm Handle on Gold's Ups and Downs

Bearish hedge fund managers were woefully caught off guard in December 2015 when gold launched a 31% rally into July of this year. By contrast, we told subscribers that a sharp rally was imminent right at the low. Now, gold's price appears to face another key juncture.

Are Silver Traders "Way Too Bullish"?

The real news for silver prices is all about sentiment: Are Silver Traders "Way Too Bullish"? See and hear the evidence...

Why We Can't Stop Showing Subscribers SILVER

Silver stands at a rare juncture. See for yourself how our forecasts kept subscribers one step ahead -- plus, our recent labeled silver chart.

Gold: Will the Decline Continue?

Tom Denham tells you why looking at the U.S. dollar, interest rates and politics are the wrong tools when trying to forecast the price action in gold. Here's what's a better indicator.

Who Are Copper Prices Taking Their Cues From?

On June 16, copper prices plunged to a 3-month low. There are 3 main fundamental explanations for the sell-off. But there's only 1 right one -- the Elliott wave explanation.

Here's What a Time-Tested Economic Indicator is Telling Us Now

This economic indicator has stood the test of time -- and it's sending an ominous message. A 3 1/2-year shelf of support has recently been broken. See two charts that tell you what you need to know now.

7 Classic Elliott Wave Trade Setups You'll See Again and Again

The best thing about Elliott wave patterns? Easy: They repeat -- on all timeframes, across markets. Once you know what to look for, you see familiar patterns in most charts. And that means countless new opportunities.

U.S. Stocks: End of the Complacent Era?

Financial markets tend to turn when most investors least expect it. Deep complacency toward stocks suggests that more triple-digit Dow declines may be just ahead.

Alibaba: Headed for a $1-Trillion Market Capitalization?

"Open Sesame" is the phrase that opens the door to treasure. A Chinese entrepreneur was inspired by the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and named a company that has yielded vast riches. One of our Global Market Perspective editors provides analysis of Alibaba Group.

Australia: Fast-Growing Internet Companies Seek New Rally Highs

Our Global Market Perspective editors have spotted two compelling investment ideas in Australia. We first show you Australia's big stock market picture. Then we focus on the charts of two Internet companies.

India Stocks: Does This Price Pattern Mean Opportunity?

Sentiment has turned negative in India. Yet a classic price formation has been taking shape in the chart of one of India's stock indexes. Could this mean opportunity for investors? Take a look at the chart.

10 Popular Investment Myths Shattered

You may remember that in 2008-2009, as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression was ravaging stocks, real estate, commodities and other "can't-lose" asset classes, many called into question traditional economic models, as well as the Fed's "omnipotence."

Copper's Bear Market: Harnessing the Energy of Elliott Waves

In 2011, fundamentals painted an ongoing bullish picture for copper prices. Elliott waves, however, foresaw a foreboding reversal in the red metal's future.

Spotting Opportunities in Emerging Markets with Bad Fundamentals

With the help of the Wave Principle, you can spot investment opportunities when the fundamentals are at their worst. Emerging markets are a good example. Review this chart and commentary from our Global Market Perspective.

FTSE 100: A Look at a "Head and Shoulders" Pattern

A classic "head and shoulders" pattern is showing up in the FTSE 100. If prices slice through the neckline, how far can investors expect the FTSE 100 to fall? Learn about the head and shoulders measuring formula.

India's Banks: Can Bad News Be Bullish?

Albert Einstein's observation that opportunity lies within every difficulty often applies to financial markets. When the fundamentals are at their worst, most investors flee. But they run away from the beginnings of potentially rewarding trends. See what the Wave Principle reveals about an important emerging market sector.

Australia's Housing Statistics are Alarming

Investors can get badly hurt when a financial bubble implodes.  But, if you're positioned properly, downtrends can be your friend. One of our Global Market Perspective analysts examines a sector in Australia that may be on the cusp of a significant move. See the chart and read the commentary.

Commodity Investors: It's Time to Look Beyond the Fed

Since plummeting to the abyss of a 13-year low in January, the Bloomberg Commodity Index rocketed 21% to enter official "bull market" territory on June 6. Some say the Fed's ongoing commitment to ultra-low interest rates is feeding the sector's fire. But there's a whole lot more to this new "bull" run than meets the eye.

What Investors Need to Know About the Robot Revolution

The era of the industrial robot has arrived, and our Global Market Perspective pinpoints opportunities. The share price of Fanuc Corp. tripled after our analyst identified the early stages of a fifth-wave thrust. More recently, the robot revolution has taken a breather. Expand your investment horizon now.  

See a European Stock Market Top at Five Degrees of Trend

The stock market's price history consists of recognizable patterns at all degrees of trend. The chart of one European bourse shows a bull market has ended at five degrees of trend. It now appears that Minor wave 3 is unfolding.

Germany's DAX Index: Will Prices Stay Below a Key Trendline?

Germany served as an anchor of stability during Europe's sovereign debt crisis. The nation is the Continent's largest economy. Even so, Germany's stock market now looks poised for increased volatility. Also, take a look at this downtrending stock chart of the country's largest steel maker.  

How "Sheer Lunacy" Took Over Europe's Bond Market

Welcome to the world of half-century loans at 1% and a 100-year note at a yield of 2.35%. One of our Global Market Perspective analysts says the European bond market has entered a realm of "sheer lunacy." These two charts help to explain.

Two Driverless Car Investments Show Bullish Price Patterns

Your next car might drive itself. Advanced computer chips, software and sensors make this possible. These two driverless companies flash bullish wave patterns. Our analyst says hop on board now.

Markets: Understand the Present to Forecast the Future (Part 2)

In part 2 of our in-depth interview with Steve Hochberg, Steve explains what else makes Elliott wave analysis so useful and practical.

Are the World's Rich and Powerful Right About Emerging Markets?

Global political leaders and CEOs of major companies have a privileged perspective on the world. But even they can steer investors in the wrong direction. Right now, emerging markets appear ripe with opportunity, contrary to the "experts'" forecasts. Take a look at these two charts.

A Banking Fiasco is Brewing in Italy

Big Italian banks are weighed down by hundreds of billions of dollars of non-performing loans. There's fear of a systemic financial crisis. Depositors may find themselves on the hook. Now is the time to prepare for a deflation that will likely extend far beyond Italy.

Commodities: New Year's Promises Vs. Elliott Wave Patterns

In 2011 and 2014, mainstream finance resolved that commodities would make a major comeback. In 2016, those same experts predicted the sector was doomed. The end result: 0 for 3. But someone got the story right.

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