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Bonus: Get instant access to Editor Jeffrey Kennedy's new, 42-minute 2014 Commodity Outlook video. See his big-picture technical outlook for the 13 most-important commodities -- softs, grains, meats and more.

Commodity Junctures Includes
COT, DSI and these EWI publications:
Daily Commodity Junctures
Every trading day, you’ll get the single best Elliott wave opportunity in softs, grains and meats. This detailed video forecast includes clearly labeled price charts and plain-spoken analysis of the commodity market that shows the highest probability for a big move. Every Friday, the Weekly Wrap-Up will deliver Elliott wave forecasts of up to 18 different markets, including Jeffrey's thorough video analysis of the two or three most promising opportunities. You'll also get weekly updates on two powerful sentiment indicators: COT & DSI (see "reason 3" below).
Monthly Commodity Junctures
Every month, you'll receive in-depth video analysis of the most promising long-term commodity opportunities, plus intermediate- and long-term forecasts for a dozen other commodity markets. Along with valuable long-term coverage, each issue also includes a video Trader's Classroom lesson, which offers practical tips and techniques to help sharpen your wave-trading skills.

Four More Reasons to Begin Your Commodity Junctures Service Subscription Today
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1. Get Analysis of Commodities From One of the World’s Foremost Elliott Wave Experts
Jeffrey Kennedy is a senior financial analyst here at Elliott Wave International with more than 15 years of experience as both an analyst and trader. He writes and edits Commodity Junctures, EWI's premier commodity forecasting package that includes Daily Commodity Junctures and Monthly Commodity Junctures. He has also been published in Technical Analyst; Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine; and Trader’s World.

In addition to analyzing and writing about commodity markets, Jeffrey speaks at international technical analysis conferences and teaches seminars for EWI on how to spot trading opportunities using the Wave Principle.

2. Immediate Access to the 3-Part Video Series "Jeffrey Kennedy Unedited"

Jeffrey Kennedy answers subscriber questions in a 3-part, 3-hour video series. In it, you get a rare behind-the-scenes look into how he goes from hand-drawing Elliott wave labels on a price chart to hand-picking high-probability trade set-ups.

Get a first-hand look at the mechanics behind his analytical approach, and the tips and tools that will help you to identify your own high-potential trade setups.


3. Access Two Essential Market Tools
Jeffrey Kennedy provides a comprehensive outlook, utilizing the following tools in addition to his central Elliott wave analysis:

COT, the Commitments of Traders in Commodity Futures report, which is published by the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC), breaks down open interest in major futures markets into three crowds: Commercials, Large Speculators and Small Traders. As a compilation of traders' behavior and a proven measure of crowd psychology in futures markets, the COT report is an essential tool in market analysis.

DSI, The Daily Sentiment Index, is a contrary opinion indicator that measures the bullishness of nonprofessionals who speculate on futures. DSI reflects the opinions of small retail traders who are most likely to be wrong at market turning points. That's because small traders are usually the most bullish at a market top and the most bearish at a market bottom. By examining small trader sentiment, Jeffrey can arrive at a useful measure of contrary opinion.

4. Instantly Download Trader’s Classroom Collections:
Volume I & II

Four years in the making, these valuable trader resources feature 128 pages and 23 chapters filled with valuable tips and techniques to help you identify turns and trends in the markets. Jeffrey designed each book to help you improve both your trading skills and understanding of Elliott wave analysis through real-world examples and techniques he uses every day. As Jeffrey says, he created these invaluable lessons to “provide simple explanations of methods that consistently work.” Valued at $99, you can instantly download both volumes for free as soon as you start your subscription.  

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