Are the Markets Headed Below 2009 Levels?
Prechter answers on Fox Business News

How much ground can you cover in 6 1/2 minutes? An amazing amount, if you ask probing questions of a highly informed guest. Neil Cavuto did just that with Bob Prechter on Fox Business News. The two men are old acquaintances yet the words come fast -- they discuss stocks, oil, gold, sentiment, the Dollar, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, even the 2012 presidential election.

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  • Two charts that reveal a likely motive for the Dow’s climb since October.
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  • What kind of foul social mood Europe must be in when Greece's chief statistician, once credited with restoring “credibility and honesty” to Greek economic statistics, is now being prosecuted for “exaggerating Greece’s deficits,” a charge that could land him in jail for life.
  • The mainstream financial media claims there are "persistent and elevated levels of gloom by retail investors." But the numbers don't lie; find out what the numbers really say inside.
  • What it means for the broader market that social media companies, Warren Buffet and the Fed are once again viewed as the heroes of Wall Street.
  • Why a growing number of economists and money managers, including speculator George Soros, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, "are starting to worry about the opposite of inflation: deflation."
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  • How and why "everything really changed" when the era of big government began in 1913 -- including its lasting affect on foreign policy, the popularity of presidents and even the price of oil.
  • How "financial engineers" -- namely bankers and congressmen -- pumped up the housing market and ultimately turned the American dream into a pipe dream in just 8 devastating steps.
  • A socionomic perspective on government expansions and why they occurred when they did.
  • A look back -- and ahead -- at the Theorist's 2010 Fibonacci time analysis that places significant importance on January 2012 (+/- 1 month). See two amazing charts that make one crystal-clear "then vs. now" picture.
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January Financial Forecast | What's Inside?

  • Why the stock market's recent advance "rests on very shaky ground..."
  • New evidence -- courtesy of a chart-supported analysis of the silver/gold ratio -- that suggests investors are shunning risk and looking for safety. Read and see for yourself how the trend is similar to the peaks of 1973 and 1937.
  • A grim prognosis for hedge funds.
  • Why the asset with the highest 2011 return is the one that most forecasters unanimously rejected at the beginning and end of 2011.
  • Which investment market will experience its "sharpest … declines since 2008."
  • Warren Buffet is breaking his own golden rules. Is the richest man in the world losing his superhero powers? Is his Berkshire stock signaling the beginning of a dramatic fall from grace? Find out inside.
  • The U.S. dollar closed higher for the second year straight, despite the mainstream's insistence of its total destruction. Find out what's next for cash and your purchasing power in 2012.
  • Learn how today's timing sequence compares to a 1920s scenario, "when deflation started overseas before lapping onto U.S. shores."
  • Find out which rising global power is setting itself up for "one of the greatest government boondoggles of the post-mania era."
  • And much more -- including a dead man's hand for Las Vegas and gambling in general, plus a brewing disaster for Starbucks.

December Theorist | What's Inside?

  • The Elliott Wave Theorist's forecasts for 2011 have largely been fulfilled. The U.S. dollar is at an 11-month high. Stocks have registered virtually no net gain. Gold and silver are pluming their lowest levels since their peaks. And commodities are down more than 10%.

Recent issues of the Theorist have anticipated these trend changes and prepared readers for the coming months of market action. With our market bases already covered, and the holidays in full swing, what better time to step back and look at the market through the broader lens of socionomics – more specifically, through the Ol' Blue Eyes of a pop culture icon, Frank Sinatra.

For this month's Theorist, Editor Robert Prechter provides a one-page summary of his market outlook. He dedicates the rest of the issue to a brilliantly insightful special report by Socionomist Peter Kendall titled Sinatra Swings to the Rhythm of Social Mood.

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