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When European analyst Chris Carolan sits down at his computer to write his European Short Term Update on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, he can talk wave patterns and technical analysis with the best of them. But he always keeps his subscribers foremost in his mind. It's no wonder he writes his updates in easy-to-follow prose, scattered with educational lessons.

You see, Chris doesn't just talk charts; he describes the waves of social mood moving those charts, so you can spot not only the developing market opportunities; you can also uncover the social trends moving alongside your markets. That's partly what has earned him a devoted following. Here's how one of his subscribers describes it:

"Congrats, your European Short Term Update is top-quality reading, true to Elliott, fearlessly honest, demonstrably devoted to the prime consideration of your readership's better understanding and market wellbeing."
~ Ben R., Queensland, Australia

That's the kind of unconventional yet accessible analysis of European markets that you get from Elliott Wave International when you subscribe to European Short Term Update. You think independently, so it helps to get information from an analyst who does the same while covering all of your favorite European bourses:

European Short Term Update -- Core Markets

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the European Short Term Update, you will get updated analysis and price charts for these key European markets:

  • Germany's DAX stock index
  • Britain's FTSE-100 and FTSE-250
  • France's CAC40
European Short Term Update -- Additional Markets

Throughout the week and at least once every month, Chris also provides updated price charts and analysis on a large group of additional European markets, including:

  • The Netherlands' AEX
  • Switzerland's SMI
  • Spain's IBEX 35
  • Italy's S&P/MIB
  • Eurozone's Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50
  • Russia's RTS
  • Eastern Europe's CECE Overall Traded Index: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
3 Benefits of The European Short Term Update That You Won’t Find Elsewhere
    1. The European Short Term Update provides you with short-term forecasts and opportunities delivered to your computer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This near-term focus on European markets aims to give you the insight you need to act decisively before short-term market moves -- all without losing sight of the long-term picture.
    2. The European Short Term Update is not one for following the crowd. Instead, it oftentimes takes a left when others go right, but it always steers high-confidence European stock opportunities and trends directly to your desktop with every update. You get a near-term perspective for European markets, such as the DAX, FTSE 100 and 250, CAC-40, SMI, DJ EURO Stoxx 50 and many more, before your eyes at least three times a week -- guaranteed.
    3. Carolan's relaxed and educational writing style allows you to connect with him in a way most analysts are not willing to provide. Subscribers say they get the feeling of actually looking over his shoulder at his computer screen, watching as he labels his price charts and implements his various technical studies. It’s almost as if you are sitting by Chris' side having a personal conversation about the markets you follow.
Why You Can Depend on Our European Analyst

You can depend on the commentary and insights from European stock analyst, Chris Carolan, as he shows you what the price charts say about 11-plus European stock indexes across multiple time frames.

Carolan is a 30-year market technician, a pioneer in his field, and recipient of the well-known Charles Dow Award for excellence and creativity in technical analysis. Chris excels at keeping you abreast of the patterns and opportunities in the European markets in his Monday-Wednesday-Friday European Short Term Update, where he will also often comment on bond and foreign exchange markets, on unfolding news stories that relate to social mood, the Wave Principle and worldwide trends that impact the European region.

Now, You Can Try It Risk-Free!

All of this unconventional expertise on Europe comes to you 3 times a week via The European Short Term Update for the price of $49 a month. And it's risk-free. If you aren't happy with the short-term service, you can cancel and get your one-month payment back. No kidding. But we don't think you're going to ask for your money back once The European Short Term Update changes the way you see opportunities in Europe forever.

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The European Short Term Update
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