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China, India, Japan, Australia and beyond: Ride the trends with The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service
The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service
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The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service Includes:
The Asian-Pacific Short Term Update

Asian-Pacific Short Term Update• Published: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
• Delivered: Online
• Length: Varies
• Archive: Previous 4 issues
• Price: $49/month value

What's Inside: You'll have coverage of the near-term swings in the major Asian-Pacific stock indexes every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (Eastern time). Editor and award-winning market technician Chris Carolan keeps you abreast of market moves between monthly issues, while also providing valuable commentary on debt and foreign exchange markets as well as unfolding trends in the markets you follow.

The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast• Published: Monthly
• Delivered: Online
• Length: 10 pages
• Archive: 4 latest issues
• Price: $31/month value

What's Inside: Timely, big-picture monthly analysis and forecasts for the major stock indexes in Japan, China, India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, plus occasional updates for Taiwan, Korea and other Asian-Pacific nations. Editor Mark Galasiewski's insightful and useful commentary on the region's financial and social trends already prompted one subscriber to write that Mark clearly has his "finger on the pulse of the local scene here."

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Four Reasons to Begin Your Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service Subscription Today
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About the Analysts

1. You can invest in Asia with someone on your side who knows the region.
Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-ski), editor of the monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast, lived and worked in Asia through most of the 1990s – he's fluent in Japanese and conversant in Mandarin Chinese. No U.S. analyst is better equipped to bring you "tomorrow's news today" from the Asian-Pacific region.

2. You'll receive near-term commentary from an award-winning analyst.
Long-time EWI subscribers will recognize Chris Carolan's name. This technician's technician received the Charles Dow Award (1998), and has 30 years of financial experience as a floor trader, market-maker and analyst. He delivers his expertise in the pages of The Asian-Pacific Short Term Update each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, with in-depth coverage of the region, so you’re prepared for near-term action throughout the week before the markets open.

3. You get occasional special commentary on opportunities in "overlooked" markets.
These overlooked markets include the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Near East. The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service also includes occasional commentary on debt and foreign exchange markets. You can also count on insightful perspective on unfolding news stories and how they relate to social mood and the Wave Principle.

4. You'll get forecasts and insights across multiple time frames, from three publications that keep you ahead of the herd.
The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service is indeed three publications, which work together to present opportunities and identify dangers the "experts" cannot anticipate. Analysts who think for themselves – like Chris Carolan and Mark Galasiewski – conduct their own research and reach independent conclusions. Their work is never biased by herd psychology or past market performance. And could anything less be said about Bob Prechter?

To order by phone, just call EWI Customer Care at 800-336-1618 (from within U.S.) or 770-536-0309 (from outside U.S.). You will get a fast, friendly, knowledgeable human on the line. Please be sure to mention code: ocomi

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