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At the Crest of the Tidal Wave - A Forecast for the Great Bear Market
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At the Crest of the Tidal Wave - A Forecast for the Great Bear Market

At the Crest Of The Tidal Wave presents overwhelming evidence for a historic turn - evidence that a 200-year old trend is peaking. More than doom and gloom, At the Crest includes a chapter entitled "How to Handle the Coming Environment" and offers the specifics of Bob's forecasts in the chapter, "Expectations for the Bear Market."

With as many specifics as possible for a broad audience, Bob speaks directly about what actions you should take and what pitfalls to avoid. You'll learn about investing in a bear market, what should not be considered an "investment," cash, how to handle debt, business planning, the role of the government, retirement plans, social consequences of the decline and, if you can believe it, more.

Beware that this turn will cause catastrophic loss to the unprepared and great rewards to the prepared. You can prepare yourself now by ordering this book.

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