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How Can I Learn More About the Elliott Wave Theory?

The Elliott Wave Principle provides the basis for one of the most useful market forecasting tools available, and we would like to offer you more ways to learn about it — free.

Club EWI is the world’s largest Elliott wave community. And you can join today for free: Sign up for Club EWI. Membership privileges include access to original analysis and articles about the Elliott Wave Theory; including market forecasts and discussion of socionomic theory.

Again, Club EWI is FREE and you may opt-out whenever you wish. Our educational products are also wonderful tools for learning Elliott Wave Theory.

In addition to Club EWI, Elliott Wave International recommends these products — perfect for those new to the Elliott Wave Principle:

Elliott Wave Principle
Elliott Wave PrincipleElliott Wave Principle — Key to Market Behavior is Robert Prechter's groundbreaking bestseller. This is the book for anyone looking to learn about Elliott Wave Principle. Entire chapters are dedicated to the economy, bonds, expectations for the bear market, investor psychology, gold, real estate and more. Learn more here.

Prechter's Perspective
edited by Peter Kendall
Elliott Wave Principle
We've taken the very best questions and answers from hundreds of interviews Bob Prechter gave to The New York Times, CNN, Barron's, Newsweek, Forbes, CNBC, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post (and others), concerning the Elliott Wave Theory and presented them in a 267-page book that is a “page turner” in the classic sense. (Quality softcover, 267 pp.). Learn more here.

Educational Video Series
default valueTake this opportunity to learn firsthand from Robert R. Prechter, Jr. and Dave Allman — two of the premier Elliotticians in the world today — how to apply the Elliott Wave Theory to your investment style. You'll discover this valuable information in a student-friendly environment that won't leave you scratching your head. Even if you miss a point, just rewind and review. Learn more here.

These are just a few of the resources we recommend for those new to the Elliott Wave Theory. To learn more, please visit our secure online store, where we offer several resources to help you in applying the Elliott Wave Principle, or find out which subscription is right for you.

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Learn the Why, What, and How of the Elliott Wave Principle

Watch the 3 Video Crash Course, FREE! The Elliott Wave Crash Course is a series of three FREE videos that demolishes the widely held notion that news drives the markets. Each video will provide a basis for using the Wave Principle in your own trading and investing decisions.

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Club EWI is the world's largest Elliott Wave Community with more than 325,000 members. In addition to downloading your free videos, you will gain permanent access to the valuable club resources featured on your club homepage.

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