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What is Elliott Wave International (EWI)?

Elliott Wave International (EWI) is one of the world's largest providers of market research and technical analysis. Our staff of full-time analysts provides global market analysis via electronic online services to institutional investors 24 hours a day. Elliott Wave International also provides educational services that include conferences, intensive workshops, multimedia packages (including DVDs and video cassettes), special reports and books.

Elliott Wave International offers coverage for almost every major market in the world for almost every time frame. Our publications are packed with labeled charts, unique insights and expert analysis and forecasts.

We are also dedicated to educating people about the Wave Principle. Elliott Wave International offers educational products that are wonderful tools to help you learn Elliott Wave Theory and apply it in your investments.

Elliott Wave International provides analytical and forecasting services for U.S. markets, global markets and futures markets. Each service is designed to advise investors of the current wave patterns to maximize opportunity and minimize risk. The services give clear charts with expert analysis on each market.

Choose which service is right for you.

If you are not ready to subscribe but still want to learn more about the Elliot Wave Principle and Elliott Wave International, why not join Club EWI for FREE?

Club EWI is the world’s largest Elliott wave community. Membership privileges include access to original Elliott wave analysis and articles; including market forecasts and discussion of socionomic theory. A free Club EWI membership will ensure you are up to date on all of our free services and resources, including videos, reports, message board and many other valuable resources.

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Learn the Why, What, and How of the Elliott Wave Principle

Watch the 3 Video Crash Course, FREE! The Elliott Wave Crash Course is a series of three FREE videos that demolishes the widely held notion that news drives the markets. Each video will provide a basis for using the Wave Principle in your own trading and investing decisions.

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Club EWI is the world's largest Elliott Wave Community with more than 325,000 members. In addition to downloading your free videos, you will gain permanent access to the valuable club resources featured on your club homepage.

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