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Financial Forecast Service

See Now What Other Investors See Eventually

Get Free Forecasts and Analysis for U.S. Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver and U.S. Dollar

Now – Nov. 19, the world's largest financial forecast firm, Elliott Wave International, is hosting a free event to let you experience what it means to be a subscriber to its most popular service for U.S. investors.

Get charts, videos, forecasts, analysis, sentiment indicators and more – this is your opportunity to see what we see now (for free!)

No credit card or personal information is required beyond creating a free account.

Here's just part of what you will get:

  • Short Term Updates: Senior Market Analyst Steve Hochberg delivers near- to intermediate-term commentary soon after the market closes each Mon, Wed and Fri. Extensive Elliott wave charts and commentary include stocks, bonds, metals, and the U.S. dollar.

  • Robert Prechter's October Video Theorist: Bob covers 40 compelling charts in 40 minutes. In a way only he can, Bob uses three types of market analysis to show you the viewer why we stand at a market juncture of historical proportions: Long Term Price Analysis, Momentum Analysis and Sentiment Analysis. He covers all that ground in the first 24 minutes of the video issue. For the remainder, Prechter adds even more original research via his forecast for commodities, the dollar, bonds and more.

  • October issue of The Financial Forecast: You will get all 10 pages of charts, analysis and forecasts, including analysis of U.S. stocks, bonds, gold, silver and the U.S. Dollar PLUS the lead Special Section, titled "Government Grabs the Bag With Both Hands." It's online now.

If you want to read about the coming risks and opportunities in U.S. markets in time to take action, join this free event now.

See now what other investors see eventually. Sign up now.

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Thisevent ends promptly at noon Nov. 19. Club EWI is the world's largest Elliott wave community with more than 325,000 members. Membership is 100% free and includes free reports, tutorials, videos, special events, promotional offers and access to the valuable EWI Q&A Message Board.

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