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(Video) Commodities: A Checklist for an Exhausted Trend
The sentiment picture in commodities has reached a new extreme, even as prices remain below their 2011 high

By Nico Isaac
3/24/2014 10:45:00 AM

In early 2011, our analysis of commodities started to position for a bearish reversal in the bellwether Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index. Here is why...

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(Video) The Next Move in Copper, Between You and Me
Metals Pro Service analysis presents new, near-term information on copper's next big move

By Nico Isaac
3/12/2014 4:30:00 PM

From their March 7 high, copper prices have plunged in a jaw-dropping sell-off to a 10-month low. Today (March 12), I look back at Metals Pro Service to see how our objective analysis foresaw copper's turn down. And then, I ask Metals Pro Service analyst Tom Denham to reeval what he sees in the red metal's future.

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(Video) Crude Oil and the Magic Tricks of Fundamentals
Energy Pro Service relies on objective Elliott wave analysis, not the news, to navigate crude oil

By Nico Isaac
2/27/2014 6:00:00 PM

Here's your front row seat to the action that took place at the start of 2014: Crude oil prices were circling the drain of a one-month low. And right there, front and center on the fundamental stage, a huge bearish factor stood baring its razor-sharp teeth -- the largest domestic crude oil production in decades.

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The Most Comprehensive 2014 Commodity Outlook (Part 3)
EWI's Chief Commodities Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy reveals whether it's safe to jump back in the commodity waters

By Nico Isaac
2/25/2014 3:00:00 PM

In 2013, many investors in the pool of hard assets got a Great White–sized bite out of their bullish expectations. In fact, last year, commodities as a whole registered their first annual loss since 2008 as an all-time record $42.9 billion made its way out of commodity exchange traded products, according to a Reuters report. The sell-off has raised one simple question: Is it safe to go back into the commodity waters?

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Natural Gas: House of Cold
EWI’s Energy Pro Service uses wave patterns, not weather patterns, to anticipate the near-term trend changes in natural gas

By Nico Isaac
2/20/2014 5:30:00 PM

Mainstream natural gas experts say "follow the weather" if you want to know where prices go next. Have investors who followed this strategy come out on top this winter?

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The Most Comprehensive 2014 Commodity Outlook (Part 2)
EWI's chief commodities analyst broadcasts his near-term and big-picture outlook for 13 highly traded markets

By Nico Isaac
2/13/2014 10:30:00 PM

With thousands across the eastern United States snowed in by Winterstorm Pax for the third day, the list of things to pass the time while stuck indoors is running snowflake thin. Organize sock drawer, check. Alphabetize CD collection, check. Gain objective insights into where the biggest opportunities in the world's largest commodity markets are. Check this out

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The Most Comprehensive 2014 Commodity Outlook (Part 1)
EWI's chief commodities analyst broadcasts his near-term and big-picture outlook for 13 highly traded markets

By Nico Isaac
2/6/2014 1:00:00 PM

After this year’s Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks aren't the only ones kicking off 2014 on a high note. This January, the DJ-UBS Commodity Index scored a slight gain after ending 2013 in the red, down 10%. This recent move up fuels one question: Is the end in sight for the relentless drubbing of raw materials over the last few years?  

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Sugar Falls to 42-Month Low: Could You Have Known?
How Elliott wave patterns set the stage for sugar's decline as early as last October

By Bart Bruce
1/17/2014 2:15:00 PM

Sugar futures kicked off the new year in rough fashion, hitting a 3 1/2 year low on January 15.

Many commodity traders were left searching for answers. Were there any signs that sugar was headed for a freefall?
The short answer... yes. But not where the mainstream experts would normally look.

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Where's the Love for Commodities?
A brand new Monthly Futures Junctures reveals the long-term trend changes in store for key commodity markets

By Nico Isaac
11/26/2013 3:45:00 PM

These days, being a fan of commodities is as hard as continuing to support the Atlanta Falcons. (Who were supposed to have a brilliant football season but have been beaten down by injuries. That's for all of you non-fans out there.)

In fact, it's not just commodities. From almost every direction, there is no love for hard assets, period.

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Bears Feast on Rice
The recent weakness in rice is in line with our outlook

By Nico Isaac
10/3/2013 5:00:00 PM

There has been a very real bearish feast on rice futures. Over the past week, rough rice prices have undertaken an uninterrupted selloff to their lowest level in seven months on Thursday, Oct. 3. See how the recent weakness is right in line with our Elliott wave outlook.

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The Skinny on Lean Hogs’ Hog-Wild Price Move
The rally to fresh contract high in hog prices fulfills our Elliott wave outlook

By Nico Isaac
9/26/2013 7:45:00 PM

On Wednesday, September 25, lean hog futures went hog wild as they soared to a fresh contract high. That's the easy part. The more difficult part is discerning why. Elliott wave analysis points to lean hogs’ price chart and the final wave in the wave pattern. The mainstream experts, for all their expertise, are of little to no help in securing a clear answer.

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One Easy Step to Tame a Commodity Tornado
How Elliott wave analysis stayed one step ahead of the August 2013 surge in soybeans

By Nico Isaac
9/16/2013 5:30:00 PM

Elliott wave analysis stands above all other methods of forecasting financial markets: First, it is objective. Second, it's one of the few truly dynamic forms of technical analysis.Now that we've told you how Elliott wave analysis works, allow us to show you. Today we're using a recent lesson from Daily Futures Junctures, where EWI's senior commodities analyst Jeffrey Kennedy has stayed one step ahead of soybeans.

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Cotton's Combustible August
How Elliott wave analysis stayed one step ahead of cotton's most dramatic near-term turns

By Nico Isaac
9/11/2013 5:45:00 PM

From the start of 2013 to the end of July, cotton prices plodded along in a snooze-worthy sideways trend. But cotton blew up in August like a powder keg. Here's a recap of the combustion: During weeks one through three of August, cotton exploded upwards to its highest level in one year. Then in week four, the market's flame fizzled. Prices turned down to a three-month low before catching wind again.

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What's Better than a High-Confidence Elliott Wave Count?
Answer: Knowing when that wave count is wrong before it's too late

By Nico Isaac
9/6/2013 5:30:00 PM

If you're wondering what the difference is between traditional technical analysis of financial markets and Elliott wave analysis, think express train vs. trolley car.

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(Video) The High Stakes of Low Corn Prices
Our analysis offers objective insight into corn’s long-term and short-term Elliott wave patterns

By Nico Isaac
9/3/2013 2:15:00 PM

In late 2012, corn prices were near record highs above $7 per bushel. And, according to the mainstream experts, bullish news was set to continue to support the upside. Yet, instead of rallying higher, corn prices turned down in a precipitous decline to 33-month lows.

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Commodities Paper over the Fed’s Taper Talk
Now, a new Monthly Futures Junctures presents the big, moving picture in commodities

By Nico Isaac
8/26/2013 6:15:00 PM

According to the mainstream experts, there is one factor that continues to stand in the way of a full-blown, commodities sector comeback; namely, a rumored end to the Fed's stimulus program. Our look back over the last two years exposes the flaw in such logic.

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A Wake-Up Call for Coffee Investors
Our January 2 video foresaw the resumption of coffee’s larger downtrend

By Nico Isaac
8/19/2013 5:45:00 PM

If you made a New Year's resolution to give up coffee, you're not alone. Since the start of January 2013, coffee prices have been in an uninterrupted free fall to their lowest level in four years. Lots of people just gave up on coffee, one way or another.

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Cotton: Suddenly Surging
Our Daily Futures Junctures video presents a clear reason for cotton's recent gain

By Nico Isaac
8/15/2013 12:00:00 PM

For the last five months, the cotton market has been the ultimate cure for insomnia ... until now. On August 7, 2013, cotton prices broke out of their insufferable, snooze-inducing sideways holding pattern to rally strongly. The experts see “no clear reason” for the about-face, but we do.

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Analysis Paralysis
Answers to every question you’ve ever had with regard to trading financial markets

By Nico Isaac
8/12/2013 5:00:00 PM

He analyzes dozens of stocks and commodities every day, but EWI analyst Jeffrey Kennedy knows that it’s all too easy to get hung up on analysis paralysis. Here, he answers questions from his subscribers about trading markets with the Elliott Wave Principle and various technical indicators.

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The Before and After of Sugar's Sell-off
Our January 2012 Monthly Futures Junctures video warned that the sugar bear was coming to dinner

By Nico Isaac
8/9/2013 4:15:00 PM

We could either tell you in so many words howEWI’s chief commodities analyst Jeffrey Kennedy uses both Elliott wave analysis and several technical indicators to tame the erratic nature of commodities. Or, we could just show you how with a clip of the January 2012 Monthly Futures Junctures video on sugar.

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