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Asian-Pacific Stocks: Take a BOLD Look Into 2013
Inside EWI's December 2012 Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast...

By Vadim Pokhlebkin
Fri, 07 Dec 2012 17:45:00 ET
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'Tis the season of year-end summaries and cautious next-year forecasts. We will join the crowd -- just this once! -- and do the same.

Except, the forecasts you'll find in the new, December Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast are anything but timid.
Here are the highlights:
CHINA: There are 4 major factors the new Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast brings to your attention -- factors overlooked by almost every analyst out there:
#1 -- Elliott Wave Pattern: Since the 2009 high, the Shanghai Composite has traced out a 3-wave move. We show you what it implies for China's stocks.
#2 -- Price Action: The recent rebound in the Shanghai Composite meets a common relationship between two key waves -- also an important clue for the trend.
#3 -- Price Momentum: The Shanghai Composite recently recorded two important momentum divergences at two degrees of its Elliott wave trend.
#4 -- Market Sentiment: Chinese brokers have been opening fewer and fewer new accounts lately. And, the number of non-zero balance A-share accounts with transactions just fell to 10% of the total. We tell you how both factors fit into the pattern of highs and lows in the Shanghai Composite.
AUSTRALIA: The market cap of Australia’s banking sector recently exceeded that of the Eurozone’s, even though Australia’s population is only about 7% of the EU’s. See our Elliott wave-labeled chart of the Australia and New Zealand banking group to understand where Australia’s all-important banking sector -- and the ASX 200 -- are headed.
JAPAN: We are watching a specific technical price point in the NIKKEI which, if breached, should send shares flying.
TAIWAN: Asia's New Bellwether? In October 2008, the worst of the financial crisis, our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast showed subscribers how the long-term Elliott wave pattern in Taiwan’s stock market was turning very, very bullish. Soon after, regional stocks soared. Now, the new Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast tells you whether or not Taiwan's wave pattern remains positive for the region.
Special Focus: INDIA. Just days after the October 2008 lows in global stock markets, The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast also identified a very bullish price pattern in the SENSEX. The index has almost tripled since then. Now, the new Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast tells you -- via 3 powerful charts -- if the boom should continue.
Special Socionomic Section: NEW GAZA CONFLICT. Nathan Rothschild famously observed, “The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.” We have found that when a major conflict erupts, it has usually been preceded by a stock market correction. What does the recent violence between Hamas and Israel suggest for Palestinian and Israeli stocks, then? Read the opening section of the December Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast to see the evidence first-hand.
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