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"Our Excellent Road Map in Gold Continues": Next Stop, Sentiment
The November 7 & 8 analysis by EWI's Metals Specialty Service packs a double wallop with a clear Elliott wave structure and compelling sentiment picture in gold

By Nico Isaac
Thu, 08 Nov 2012 16:30:00 ET
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On Nov. 7, we alerted you to a "textbook" Elliott wave structure unfolding on several gold charts across several time frames. (Click here to review that article)

This was the first clue to support EWI's Metals Specialty Service's near-term gold analysis.
Now, we can reveal that another, crucial piece of the puzzle has fallen into place: Sentiment.
Here, in the latest, Nov. 8, Metals Specialty Service's daily update on gold, editor Mike Drakulich writes:
"Gold ETF Holding Set Records In London" -- from this morning.
"Holdings in gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reached a record 2,588.4 metric tons on Nov. 1, which was valued at $140 billion. According to Bloombergdata, holding in gold ETFs in the past three months have enjoyed their best run since August 2011."
"When I saw the upper headline this morning and then found the article from a week ago I knew it would get top billing in today's update. Why?
"Because...with all the large 5-wave declines I have shown you the past few days...there is nothing better than to have bullish sentiment this extreme [at this juncture].
"There are never any guarantees, but when I see extreme bullish sentiment like this and the charts are speaking with a clear... voice, it gives me a lot of confidence that [my] outlook is correct. 
"Our excellent road map in GOLD continues..."
The Elliott wave and other technical evidence for gold's next big move is mounting. Don't let the next opportunity in gold pass you by -- read our Metals Specialty Service's full analysis and forecast online now.

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