Discover the Power of Fibonacci Trading
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Fibonacci Trading - Free Resources

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Learn to Set Price Targets Using Fibonacci Numbers
A lot of technical traders can read and follow the charts of their favorite analysts, but when it comes to confidently labeling their own charts, that’s where many traders have problems. This 6-minute video from EWI’s Senior European Bonds Analyst Bill Fox provides a few critical pointers on how to set amazingly accurate Fibonacci price targets.

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Learn How Fibonacci Techniques Can Identify Market Turns Consider this report your free, personal Fibonacci lesson from a trading professional. Jeffrey Kennedy, a senior analyst at EWI, uses 11 charts and explanations to educate you on Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Extensions, Fibonacci Circles, Fibonacci Fans and Fibonacci Time.

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What Can a Fractal Teach Me About the Stock Market
How do a seacoast, the human hand, a spiraled flower and DNA relate to the stock market? What Can A Fractal Teach Me About the Stock Market goes beyond the usual definitions for the term "fractal" and explores a new entity, the "robust fractal." The implications of Fibonacci and Fractals for stock market patterns and timing are profound.

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Elliott Wave Tutorial
Our newly designed tutorial is the most comprehensive introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle available in cyberspace. All 10 lessons, including three dedicated solely to Fibonacci numbers, have been adapted from Bob Prechter and A.J. Frost's Wall Street bestseller, Elliott Wave Principle -- Key to Market Behavior.

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Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and Statistics World-renowned market forecaster and Executive Director of the Socionomics Institute Robert Prechter has commented on a study of Fibonacci retracements and projections in the stock market that was reported recently in The Economist, London's Financial Times and elsewhere.

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Discover the Power of Fibonacci Trading

  Fibonacci Trading - Special Offers
Fibonacci Trading
Leonard of Pisa and the New Mathematics of the Middle Ages is the only biographical book to detail the life and genius of the man behind the famous Fibonacci sequence.

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Fibonacci Trading
In Beautiful Pictures, Robert Prechter exposes a web of instances in which major waves in the stock market during the 20th century are in Fibonacci proportion to each other in time and/or price. Prechter describes it as the "coolest book" he's ever written.

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Fibonacci Trading
Fibonacci Relationships is the fourth part of EWI's On-Demand Online Supplement Course. It is a 90-minute online course that tells you everything you want to know about trading with Fibonacci. Never before sold separately from the supplement course, this product is available only during EWI's Phi Day celebration.

Fibonacci Trading
In Understanding the Fibonacci Ratio in Financial Markets, DVD 6 of our popular 10 DVD series, you'll grasp how to apply the Fibonacci sequence to market analysis and see that Elliott's description of market behavior anticipated Mandelbrot's concept of fractal geometry in natural structures.

Fibonacci Trading
With Calculating Fibonacci Ratios with the Precision Ratio Compass, DVD 7 of our popular 10 DVD series, you will learn to calculate Fibonacci relationships and mark your Elliott wave targets on charts using the exclusive EWI Precision Ratio Compass.

Fibonacci Trading

How You Can Identify Turning Points Using Fibonacci is a powerful two-part, 4-hour online course taught by EWI's Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman. You'll learn many valuable tools that help you formulate and execute your own trading strategy by combining wave analysis with Fibonacci relationships.

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View a 7-minute clip from the groundbreaking documentary from the Socionomic Institute, History's Hidden Engine, which discusses the existence of the Fibonacci ratio or "Golden Number" in many of life's systems, including the financial markets. To view the entire 1-hour documentary for FREE, click here.

Unlock the Power of Fibonacci Numbers!

Are you a Fibonacci trader? Did you read The Da Vinci Code? Does math, history, science or technology really get you going?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then you've come to right place. (If you answered "yes" to all of them, then congratulations: you are the most easily excitable person on the planet.) Just kidding; we're even more excited than you.

But, seriously, if you said "yes," then we'll bet your bottom dollar – or at least a .618 portion of it – that you'll absolutely love our Fibonacci trading resources!

Not Familiar with Fibonacci Trading or ‘.618’?

Fibonacci trading is not one of those trading and investing tools the mainstream financial media talk about. But – believe it or not – most traders on the floor of the largest financial exchanges and behind the desks of most powered trading institutions in the world use Fibonacci trading all the time.

The secret professional traders know – and many mainstream "experts" don’t understand – is that Fibonacci trading is one of the single best tools to confirm directional market analysis. And, better yet, Fibonacci trading works on foreign and U.S. stocks, commodities, interest rates, currencies – any freely traded financial market in the world!

Can I Learn Fibonacci Trading?

Yes, you can implement Fibonacci trading techniques into your everyday trading decisions. All you need is an expert to teach you the ropes. EWI’s top Fibonacci trading experts have produced several valuable resources that will put you well on your way to mastering the art, history and science of Fibonacci trading.

But, before you get started, you’ll at least want to know this key principle: The number 0.618 is known as the Golden Ratio, the Divine Proportion, the building block of nearly everything in nature. With that said, it’s time for you to get started.

Feel free to begin your Fibonacci Trading education by watching the free video clip at the top of this page about the Golden Number's amazing role in nearly everything we do. Then sign up for our FREE Club EWI to get immediate access to some of our best Fibonacci content absolutely FREE. Look to the left-hand column to access your FREE resources.

Need a deeper, more intermediate- to expert-level resource on Fibonacci trading? Check out the resources on the right-hand side of this page.

Don’t Think Fibonacci Trading is for You?

That’s fine. Fibonacci trading is not for everyone. And, like all trading systems, Fibonacci trading has its limits. However, before you rule it out, you should consider a few of the top reasons professional traders turn to Fibonacci trading every day:

  1. Fibonacci trading can frequently confirm or reject directional market analysis.
  2. Fibonacci analysis works on all time frames – whether your investment is for two minutes, two days or two years.
  3. The basics of Fibonacci trading are easy to learn, and mastery of the method can have a huge impact on you success in the markets.

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Q&A with an Expert on Fibonacci Trading

Following is an interview Elliott Wave International’s Futures Focus column conducted with EWI’s Senior Commodities Analyst and Fibonacci trading expert Jeffery Kennedy.

From the comfort of his office, behind multiple flashing computer screens, Jeffery explains the importance of using both Fibonacci trading techniques in conjunction with the Elliott Wave Principle, plus he tells you which takes precedence when there’s a conflict.

Futures Focus: Jeffrey, traders who have ever had an idea to measure the ratios between legs in a market's chart usually find, to their amazement, that all too often, those legs relate to each other in perfect, or near-perfect, Fibonacci proportions – such as 0.618, for example, also known as the Golden Ratio.

Jeffrey Kennedy: It really is nothing short of amazing. When I first stumbled across that, I felt I had just discovered some ancient secret that no one else knew about. After all, you don't hear about Fibonacci numbers too often on mainstream financial TV. And yet those proportions are everywhere, in nature and in every liquid market, including the markets I focus on, commodities.

FF: So, if no one talks about it, is it really a secret?

JK: Well, yes and no. Many, probably even most, professional traders frequently use Fibonacci ratios as support and resistance levels. When they see a market approaching a Fibonacci retracement, they take note. If the market stops and reverses, it's often a sign of a trend change, and if it blows right through it, the trend is still strong. But your general investor is largely oblivious to Fibonacci numbers (save for what they've read in The Da Vinci Code), so for them, it does remain a "secret."

In my Daily Futures Junctures, I use Fibonacci trading techniques all the time. My readers know that it's an essential element of Elliott wave analysis. But as amazing as Fibonacci trading is, the actual wave subdivisions on a chart are even more amazing. In fact, in my Daily Futures Junctures service, I frequently talk about how Elliott wave counts are frequently supported by Fibonacci numbers.

FF: What do you mean by "wave subdivisions are more important"?

JK: How many legs a wave subdivides into, three or five, is more important than whether or not the length of that wave "observes" a perfect Fibonacci ratio. It's hard to explain this without a chart, and you'll understand my point much better once you take a look at EWI’s many free resources on Fibonacci trading. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if a wave doesn't hit a certain Fibonacci target but still maintains its proper internal structure, the structure takes precedence. Fibonacci trading cannot be your only technique.

FF: Interesting. So, in those instances Fibonacci proportions don't matter?

JK: They matter, but they take a back seat to the wave structure. For example, if I see a wave that has overshot its perfect Fibonacci proportion but still maintained its three-wave internal structure, I know it's likely still a correction, not an impulse.

FF: You've got me intrigued. Thanks a lot for your time.

JK: You bet.

For more on Fibonacci trading techniques, access the free resources on the left-column of this page or order one of the Fibonacci trading books or DVDs from the right-hand column of this page. Sign up for our FREE Club EWI to get started now.