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So You Wanna Learn Elliott Wave Analysis? Part IV

By Alan Hall

In Part I of this series, you learned about the basics of Elliott wave patterns. Part II introduced you to "alternate counts" and ways to identify the market position in the wave pattern. Part III talked about the Fibonacci sequence and the ratios within the sequence that guide the shape of Elliott waves. In this installment, Part IV, we’ll show you how to use Elliott to establish investment strategy and reduce risk. MORE>>


It's Never Too Late to Get It If You Want To

people who believed the chart was valid offered rebuttalsBy Robert Folsom

Bullish economists made this argument back in the early 2000s -- and people who believed the chart were offered valid rebuttals. Bob Prechter was one of those people. MORE>>



Europe: Deflation is a Global Story (Part I)

This is Part I of an interview with EWI’s new European editor.

By Vadim Pokhlebkin

Today, I sit down to talk with the new editor of Elliott Wave International’s monthly European Financial Forecast (EFF), which focuses on the trends in the FTSE, DAX, CAC and other European bourses, as well as important social trends in Europe.

Vadim Pokhlebkin: Why did you choose to focus on Europe's markets?

Brian Whitmer: Well, in my opinion, there’s no better place than Europe to apply the Elliott Wave Principle and to study socionomics*. The continent has it all. You’ve got the large markets in London, Paris, and Frankfurt - those usually display the cleanest Elliott wave patterns, and they are perfect to help paint the big picture. But Europe has the smaller markets, too - which add excitement. Just look at what has happened in Ireland, for instance... MORE>>



Who's Prone to Herding Behavior?


Herding behaviorBy Robert Folsom

Picture a bunch of corporate big-brains and number crunchers sitting around the boardroom table talking debt-to-net capital ratios. Those folks are supposed to be hard-nosed, independent thinkers who don't miss a trick. They would never "herd" ... would they? MORE>>


Are Cocoa Prices Set To Sweeten, or Sour? Find Out Today

By Nico Isaac

For cocoa bulls, June 2008 signifies the real "Summer of Love." At the time, cocoa prices were heating up to their highest level in nearly three decades. And, according to the usual pros, the fundamental backdrop for the sweet soft had more bullish prospects than the Plaza de Toros. To wit...MORE>>


Bulletin: Dow in the 6,500s. Who Knew?

The major stock indexes are down more than 25 percent in 2009, including 5 percent just since Monday - yet Elliott Wave International's Short Term Update had subscribers ready for the entire move.

On Jan. 7, the Update said, "The recent phase of the countertrend rally from the October-November lows appears complete. Stocks should now decline."

Find out what's likely next for U.S. stocks in the just-published interim issue. Read it as part of EWI's comprehensive Financial Forecast Service. DETAILS>>

Trading the Line - How to use Trendlines to Spot Reversals and Ride Trends

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