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How To Use the Wave Principle to Boost Your Forex Trading

Elliott wave analysis is something many forex traders use. It's not a crystal ball (what is?), but it helps you accomplish three crucial goals: Identify the trend, stay with it, and know when the trend is likely over.

To help you learn this comprehensive method, we have just put together our newest intensive online trading course dedicated to forex trading, "How To Use the Wave Principle to Boost Your Forex Trading."

You will learn from one of the best Elliott wave instructors we have --Jim Martens, EWI's Senior Currency Strategist. Jim has been practicing Elliott for over two decades.

Also – and this is very important – he's not a spring chicken when it comes to trading: Jim spent two years working for Nexus Capital Ltd., a fund affiliated with none other than George Soros. (Google the name if you don’t know who that is.)

In this powerful 7-lesson online forex trading course, Jim Martens will share with you valuable, practical tools to help you formulate and execute your own forex trading strategy with Elliott and other tools.

Here's what you'll learn in this 90-minute course:

  • How to identify trade set-ups in currencies
  • How to set protective stops and manage risk using Elliott
  • How to identify a wave pattern in real-time
  • How not to be distracted by the news
  • What to expect from a market when a wave pattern ends
  • How to combine other market indicators with your Elliott wave analysis
  • How important it is to have a larger perspective of your currency markets
  • How to set price targets for waves using Elliott and Fibonacci relationships
  • How to deal with complex Elliott wave corrections
  • And MORE!

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How To Use the Wave Principle to Boost Your
Forex Trading

Instructor Jim Martens
Running Time 1 hr., 30 mins.
Level Beginner
Fee $79
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Forex Trading Course | Instructor: Jim MartensJim Martens was first introduced to the Wave Principle in 1985. Since then, he's built an impressive resume, having worked for such firms as Bank of New York and Nexus Capital Limited, a George Soros-affiliated hedge fund. Since 2005, Jim has been EWI's senior forex analyst – and one of the best teachers of the method we have.

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