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How To Trade Diagonal Triangles - Superior Risk/Reward Setups - Parts 1 & 2


Instructor — Jeffrey Kennedy
Level — Intermediate
Running Time — Part 1: 1 hr.; Part 2: 1 hr., 15 min.
Price — $129 for Part 1 and 2
Description – These trading courses teach you the basics of diagonal triangles, the rules and guidelines that govern diagonal triangles and strategies for how to trade this exciting pattern.

Futures Junctures Service Editor Jeffrey Kennedy has long called the diagonal triangle the “most dynamic” of all Elliott wave patterns.

It nearly always presents a clear-cut trade strategy, he says. That's why he put together the most extensive two-part online trading course ever made on How to Trade Diagonal Triangles.

Part One is rated beginner-intermediate. Jeffrey covers the basics of diagonal triangles and presents a strong case for the importance of this unique Elliott wave pattern as well as basic tips on how to trade it.

Here's what you'll learn in Part 1:

  • What a diagonal triangle is
  • Why the diagonal triangle is the most dynamic wave pattern
  • The key structure of a diagonal triangle
  • How to identify a diagonal triangle in real-time
  • Rules and guidelines that apply to diagonal triangles
  • When a diagonal triangle is most likely to occur and when it will end
  • How to set entry, target, stop and exit levels for diagonal triangle setups

Part Two is rated intermediate. Jeffrey unveils the key technical indicators that will help you identify a diagonal triangle. Plus, Part Two provides an over-the-shoulder view as Jeffrey lays out a step-by-step, real-time trade strategy from identifying a diagonal triangle to setting entry and exit points.

Here's what you'll learn in Part 2:

  • How technical indicators can help you identify a diagonal triangle
  • Do diagonal triangles fail?
  • Additional opportunities diagonal triangles offer
  • How to set entry, target, stop and exit levels for a diagonal triangle – intermediate and advanced guidelines
  • Trading a diagonal triangle in real time

Jeffrey Kennedy's presentation skills go beyond simply relaying information; wave enthusiasts worldwide continually tout him as one of the best Elliott wave instructors around. Hands down, you won't find a more intuitive, in-depth, up-to-date, online trading course on How to Trade Diagonal Triangles from any other source than Jeffrey Kennedy and no other company than Elliott Wave International.

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Jeff Kennedy, How to Catch and Ride Extended WavesJeffrey Kennedy is editor of EWI's Daily and Monthly Futures Junctures, as well as the popular feature, Trader's Classroom. Jeffrey is an active trader, an avid student of the Wave Principle and the markets, and an accomplished teacher.

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