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Tapping Into the Power of Impulse Waves

with Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg
Running Time: 1 hour

Experienced traders have a knack for catching those rare opportunities when risk is small, but potential rewards are big. It’s key to long-term success in the markets.

But in order to hop on these waves at the optimum time – at the inflection point, for example, when a pattern is complete and a new trend is about to take off – you have to see them coming.

Steven Hochberg walks you through actual price charts and teaches you how a simple application of the Wave Principle can help you to anticipate the market’s big moves in real time. Plus, you learn how and when to jump aboard for the ride.

You get an “over-the-shoulder” view of Steve’s screen as he discusses each lesson in-depth. And since it’s recorded, you can rewind and review as much as you like – you don’t miss a single point.

Cutting-edge, user-friendly “webinar” technology gives you the feel of sitting down, one-on-one, with a market veteran – without the hassle and expense of traveling!

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Tapping Into the Power of Impulse Waves with Steve Hochberg Steven Hochberg is EWI's Chief Market Analyst, and editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and The Short Term Update.

Steve brought his talents to EWI in 1994, and quickly established a stellar reputation providing real-time intraday forecasts to professional traders at institutions worldwide. Steve is a sought after speaker who has lectured extensively around the globe on the Wave Principle and is considered one of its foremost experts.

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"Great webinar! Steve Hochberg laid out the basics in a very methodical way.... I look forward to the next one."
- Jason M.

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- Pierre-Francis G.

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