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3 Technical Indicators to Help
You Ride the Elliott Wave Trend

A seemingly endless number of technical indicators exist. With so many options, it's difficult to know which indicators to choose. It's even more difficult to know how to use them well.

Chris Carolan, the 1998 winner of the Charles H. Dow Award for excellence in technical analysis, has 30 years of technical-analysis experience. In other words, Chris knows what works.

He saves you some time and cost experimenting with technical indicators by sharing with you his favorites -- Relative Strength Index (RSI), Jurik RSX and Keltner channels. He teaches you how to get the most out of each indicator to support your wave analysis.

He then tells you how to maximize each indicator's potential to help you target and capitalize on trends in any market. Detailed charts, real-life market examples and practical advice make this video a must-see.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to support your wave analysis with supporting indicators
  • How RSI, Jurik RSX and Keltner Channels function
  • How the Elliott Wave Principle addresses major issues regarding trends
  • How to identify and deal with small and large divergences
  • How to calculate a "weighted close" indicator
  • How to use the indicators to discover the strength and duration of a trend
  • How to use the indicators to spot market highs and lows
  • How you can predict impulse waves or corrective waves with channels
  • How you can get the most out of each supporting indicator

Jurik RSX is courtesy Jurik Research

The techniques and supporting indicators Chris teaches you in this webinar are applicable to any market, any time.

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Instructor: Chris CarolanChris Carolan has 30 years of technical analysis experience. He spent eight years working as a trader, and in 1998 he won the Charles H. Dow Award for excellence and creativity in technical analysis. Chris is the editor of EWI's Asian-Pacific Short Term Update and European Short Term Update.


Appreciate your excellent explanation and insights into the indicators you use. I have subscribed for a while, and now will be able to see more in those charts than I did before!

- Sue T.

Thanks for the explanation of your indicators. Very interesting and useful. I had a general idea of what was going on but not the specifics and how they tie to Elliott Wave analysis.

- George B.

Chris Carolan is a brilliant technician, and his use of technical tools to support EWP analysis is very helpful.

- Dave S.

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