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Conquer the Crash has everything you need to protect yourself from a devastating market collapse. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Here are some early reviews:

"After reading Conquer the Crash carefully, I am saying that this is ďmust readingĒ for anyone who has even the slightest interest in the stock market and his or her own investing. Prechterís fascinating chapters on the Federal Reserve, the debt situation, and what he calls the coming deflation, is worth ten times the price of the book alone. This is an amazing work, and one that is calculated to make you think deeply. I might even say that this book will astound you with its theses and its conclusions."

- Richard Russell

"Conquer the Crash is required reading. It contains some of the clearest, easiest-to-understand material Iíve ever read on Elliott wave. But more important, its real charm, and its usefulness, comes from the fact that Bob Prechter is writing for average folks who probably havenít really given much thought to what might happen to the economy in the years ahead. And while some of the insights in Conquer the Crash are scary enough, this isnít really a doom-and-gloom piece. Itís chock full of practical tips for specific actions you can and should take right now."

- Timothy L. Bost,
Financial Cycles

"After I read the book, I gave it to my wife to read and then ordered a copy for each one of my three sons. I urge all investors to read this book to understand what is ahead of us. Then read it to prepare yourself financially to weather the storms that are surely coming."


-Jim Puplava

"This is the most crucial financial period in your life. This book explains why. It also tells you what you should do about it. If you want to preserve your wealth, I urge you to follow Prechter's advice. You will be grateful that you did."
-Ian Gordon
The Long Wave Analyst

"Conquer the Crash provides disciplined investors with a map, compass and survival guide. Don't leave home without it."

-Henry Van der Eb
President, Gabelli Mathers Fund

"A compelling exposition of how both the mechanics and the psychology of the business cycle can be encapsulated in market analysis."

-Sean Corrigan

"Prechter knows the facts like few others. Read his forceful argument carefully. It can save you from financial loss."

-James R. Cook
President, Investment Rarities

"Conquer the Crash is an awesome piece of research based upon intellectual integrity, profound realism and logic. The book lays one of the essential cornerstones of capital preservation. If you argue with its premises or dismiss its conclusions, the price could well be your permanent loss of wealth."

-Jean-Pierre Louvet
Founder & CEO, The SafeWealth Group

"This book outlines brilliantly and simply the rationale for how and why the bubble developed. Prechter will go down in history as a legend for having predicted the secular bull market and now having provided a lucid description of the economic cataclysm that unfortunately lies ahead. I urge you to read this book and give it to your loved ones, as it provides great tactical advice on how to prepare yourself financially. Reading this book could make the difference between agony and comfort over the next twenty years."

-David Tice
Prudent Bear Fund

"Bob Prechter's new book, Conquer the Crash, provides a wealth of self-help do's and don'ts. It's a must-read book, which I'm personally putting on my gift list for friends and loved ones."

- Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
author of the national best seller,
The Ultimate Safe Money Guide

Conquer the Crash ensures that at least some investors will stay on the ďrationalĒ side of a very emotional future.

Patterns are structured and rational, while human emotions are impulsive and sudden. Prechterís genius is to show the exquisite relationship between the two truths, and what those truths mean to our social, economic and financial future.

-Ted Workman,
CEO, Asset Allocation Consultants, Ltd

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