5 Ways You Can Use Trendlines to Improve Your Trading Decisions

Learn how to apply trendlines to the markets you follow.


Free Fibonacci eBookEWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you the power of simple trendlines in this free 14-page eBook titled "Trading the Line".

Jeffrey will teach you step-by-step the many ways to apply trendline techniques, how to use them to make trading decisions, and how doing so can mean trading success.

When you add trendlines to your trading arsenal, you stop guessing and start strategically planning when to take advantage of a trend or when to get out -- whether it's in stocks, bonds, forex or commodities markets.

Through practical, real-world lessons, you'll learn 5 ways to draw trendlines, including critical techniques to find support and resistance, the end of a move, and changes in trend. You'll be amazed at how a tool as simple as trendlines will tell you critical information about a market.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What a trendline is and what it means
  • What a trendline tells you about past and upcoming price action
  • How to draw trendlines to identify support and resistance in a market
  • How a trendline can tell you when there is a change in trend
  • How to know if a break through the trendline is significant

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