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An excellent, excellent informative video."

- Geoff D.

Excellent data and chart presentation illustrating the inevitability of deflation."

- Dominic S.

Thanks for explaining the unexplainable. ... Now I understand the psychology of trading. Thanks again."

- Russ A.

Clearest explanation of the Elliott Theory I have ever seen on video."

- Tom H.

Very clear, concise video production -- thank you very much -- I have already incorporated this into my trading on hourly charts and it is extremely helpful."

- Scot C.

An excellent tutorial not only for beginners but also as a refresher."

- Boyd C.

The video was engrossing. It changed my outlook on the markets. Not to go by the news patterns. Overall very productive indeed!"

- Raj D.

I finally understand the bank system! Thanks a lot, guys, you are the best!!!"

- Alex Z.

I really enjoy reading your straight talk and this time was no exception. Absolutely outstanding."

- Shelton J.