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In this 50-page free report, Robert Prechter offers a broad explanation of how social mood drives trends in markets, fashion, music and other social activities. “Popular Culture and the Stock Market” walks you through the ups and downs of the DJIA -- our most sensitive meter of social mood -- and analyzes trends in popular culture through periods of positive and negative social mood over the past century to reveal how social mood trends actually define popular culture.

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You'll learn:

  • Socionomics: How understanding this new science of social prediction will change the way you view everything from popular culture to politics to economics and more!
  • The Stock Market and Fashion: Are women’s skirts and market activity related?
  • The Stock Market and Movies: What do the Night of the Living Dead and Dracula have to do with market trends?
  • The Stock Market and Music: Are specific music genres connected to bull or bear markets? What can famous artists like the Beatles mean for market action?
  • Tons of charts and graphs that have to be seen to believe!

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