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Bob Prechter's Big 5 Gold Warnings


Bob Prechter's Big 5 Gold Warnings for Bulls and Bears

Since mid-April's three-day price decline, gold and silver have been THE financial news.

But, the real story is far bigger than just a few days or even the past several weeks of trading. In fact, gold and silver have seen declines of more than 30% and 50%, respectively, since 2011. Now that's news!

As you can see in this chart, Robert Prechter's firm, Elliott Wave International, forecast nearly every major trend and turn of the past three years in gold and silver.

If you invest in precious metals, you owe it to yourself to read this brand-new report, Bob Prechter's Big 5 Gold Warnings for Bulls and Bears, before the next major moves in gold and silver.

Inside the new report, you'll learn the truth about:

  1. Central Bank Buying
  2. Fed Inflating
  3. The "Crisis Hedge" Argument
  4. The "Gold is Cheap" Argument
  5. The Conviction that Post-Peak Lows were Support

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