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Bob Prechter

Learn How Socionomics Predicted the 2012 Election, Without Polling Anyone

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Have you ever wondered:

  • What really drives swing voters to vote as they do?
  • Why once-popular politicians can lose in landslides just a few years after being cheered into office?
  • Why other politicians achieve near-hero status? (Take Presidents Reagan and Obama to name just two examples.)

What if we told you that a small group of researchers (virtually unknown to Beltway insiders) have (literally) figured it out –- and they can prove it?

Decades of research shows that a minority of the voting public decides elections. These "swing voters" make up 20-30% of the vote. The candidate who wins this minority group typically wins the election. So, it's no surprise that political candidates and the donors who back them spend billions -– if not trillions –- of dollars each election cycle to capture their affection. Telephone calls, TV ads, door-knocking campaigns –- you know their tactics.

Well, new research published in a reputable social science journal stands to upend public understanding of what influences those swing voters –- in particular, how those voters view incumbents.

Robert Prechter, a well-known financial analyst and social theorist, has teamed up with a group of academics and researchers to test a radical theory: that the stock market –- not GDP, unemployment, inflation or anything else –- is the best predictor of election results.

The results of their peer-reviewed research, which studies more than 200 years worth of elections, are astounding. Now's your chance to watch Prechter present his team's landmark research before a live audience. His 26-minute presentation guarantees to change the way you think about (and in) the voting booth –- forever.

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