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Market Analysis for the New Millennium: Ground-breaking Essays by 12 Authors

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Market Analysis for the New Millennium: Ground-breaking Essays by 12 Authors

Market Analysis for the New Millennium foreshadows sweeping changes in market analysis for the twenty-first century and beyond.

Most people are so accustomed to hearing that market action is driven by the latest announcement by the Fed or a recent political debacle that they no longer stop to think. Those who do think can only arrive at the conclusion that conventional market discourse is a waste of time. The entire premise of conventional analysis – that social events drive market events – is erroneous. That’s why conventional analysts are always encouraging you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and scrambling to explain market action after the fact.

Market Analysis in the New Millennium lights the way professionals should be conducting financial analysis. The contributors understand what’s really going on in the markets. Collectively, these twelve authors tear down convention and build a powerful case for a brand new way.

This volume includes classic issues of our publications as well as many new pieces. Here’s part of what you’ll find:

  • New Studies in the Wave Principle and other studies in market analysis that reveal the latest findings in the field
  • Fascinating essays on finance and philosophy to give you a deeper understanding of how markets really work
  • Insight into investment manias so you don’t get swept up and away with the crowd
  • Requirements for successful forecasting and speculation to guide you as you put your newfound knowledge to work in the markets

There is a common thread running through each of the essays in Market Analysis for the New Millennium. Right now, those who espouse this view are in the minority. This volume brings hope that the right kind of market analysis will rise to prominence in the new millennium.

Reviews of Market Analysis for the New Millennium:

“Arguably the most thoughtful and thought-provoking book on technical analysis in at least the last couple of generations.” –Martin J. Pring, author, Technical Analysis Explained, Introduction to Technical Analysis and Martin Pring on Market Momentum

“This book should become a classic. It is a must read for budding financial analysts who wish to understand and to participate in the coming explosion of scientific work that will undoubtedly be coming in this field during the twenty-first century. For veteran analysts, it is a treasure trove of excellent reference material sure to organize your mind for what is ahead. Read it!” --Frank A. Peluso, Chairman, Market Systems Research, Inc., recipient of the Putnam Fellowship in mathematical physics at Princeton University

Market Analysis for the New Millennium is another class act by Robert R. Prechter, Jr. It is a compendium of challenging insights, provocative theories and useful techniques from an assembly of masterful contributors. For the serious analyst who wishes to take the Wave Principle to a higher level, this book is must reading.” -- Professor Henry O. Pruden, Ph.D., Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University; Executive Director of the Institute for Technical Market Analysis (ITMA)

“The amazing aspect of Market Analysis for the New Millennium is not just how prolific a writer Prechter is but how he has maintained such a high quality of original thinking and exposition. Bob has put together a winner that will benefit amateur and professional market watchers alike.” --Peter Eliades, editor, Stockmarket Cycles; recipient of the MTA’s 2001 Charles Dow Award for Excellence in Technical Analysis

“Along with his co-authors, Prechter has once again raised the credibility of market analysis to levels others thought were not possible.” --Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Director of the Technical Research Department at Prudential Financial in New York City; President and co-founder, Market Technicians Association (MTA)

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