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The Socionomic Theory of Finance presents the 13-year-long work of Robert Prechter, plus 21 contributions from 12 other scholars, writers, researchers and analysts. The book challenges convention and offers an entirely new theory of finance and macroeconomics.


The Socionomic Theory of Finance

Robert Prechter


Conquer the Crash 2014

Robert Prechter


Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior

Robert Prechter, A.J. Frost


Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading

Jeffrey Kennedy, Wayne Gorman


Pioneering Studies in Socionomics

Robert Prechter


How to Spot Trading Opportunities

Jeffrey Kennedy


The Essential Elliott Wave Collection

Robert Prechter


The Fibonacci Collection

Robert Prechter, Joseph and Frances Gies


The Essential Socionomics Collection

Robert Prechter