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EWAVES 2.0 - Part 1: Faster Forecasts for 70+ Markets (and Counting)

One step closer to fully automated Elliott wave chart labeling

by Alexandra Lienhard
Updated: March 15, 2017

In part one of this new interview with Elliott Prechter, the Lead Developer of EWAVES artificial intelligence software, he explains how EWAVES is different from other Elliott wave programs -- and why he and his team are excited about the new release of EWAVES, version 2.0 beta.

Click here to watch part two.

Get Instant Flash Alerts As Soon as New Market Opportunities Arise

Flash Services (powered by EWAVES 2.0 beta) scan ETFs, individual stocks, and futures markets, searching for specific Elliott wave patterns and sends you a simple "buy/sell" recommendation, complete with a fully-labeled chart, when a set-up occurs.

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