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What Can Stock Markets Tell You About Politics?

There is a surprising correlation between stocks and political trends

by Editorial Staff
Updated: January 13, 2017

Below, you'll find an excerpt from a new special study our monthly European Financial Forecast published on December 1, 2016.

While the mainstream analysts weigh macro-economic and sociological factors to make forecasts for the busy European election season next year, the model below shows you an entirely different approach.

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The European Financial Forecast
December 2016 issue (data through Dec. 1)

(and you thought the U.S. election was contentious)

"The main social influence of a bear market is to cause society to polarize in countless ways. Separatism becomes a force as territories polarize. Populism becomes a force as classes polarize. Third parties, fourth parties, and more, find constituents."-- Conquer the Crash, 2002

The poisonous U.S. election battle is over, but Europe's "unprecedented 2017 voting season" (Bloomberg, 11/9/16) is just now kicking off. Let's get up to speed.

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Yes, you can learn a surprising amount about a country's future political trends by studying the bullish or bearish trends in its stock market -- a concept called socionomics.

Brian Whitmer, EWI's own European Financial Forecast editor, has been coupling socionomics and Elliott wave counts together since 2004, to keep his subscribers ahead of key trends in the European financial markets.

Now, for free, see how Brian used these concepts to stay ahead of three of Europe's biggest 2016 events: Brexit, the euro collapsing to a 14-year low against the U.S. dollar, and the big reversal in bond prices, in our free report, "Europe: A Turbulent Year in Review, and a Look Ahead."

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